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Все записи с меткой 'world travel'

[:RU]Shopping in India[:]

[:RU]Souvenirs in India — and for every taste and every budget. Already ten rupees you can buy elephant keychain — slightly lurid and clumsy, but with small pieces of mirror on the sides.

[:RU]How do prosciutto di Parma[:]

[:RU]Prosciutto di Parma (Prosciutto di Parma), or Parma ham, called the jewel in the traditional Italian cooking. A microclimate surrounding area of ​​Parma and a century of experience producers are the guarantors of ham prosciutto unique taste. We invite you to see what is prosciutto from Parma.  

[:RU]Megasooruzheniya USSR. The giant underground refrigerator[:]

[:RU]This country certainly never win … You can imagine a fridge, which fits 200 cars products? Yes, and the underground? And not just the underground and carved into the rock … This fridge there. Where? Of course, in Russia. It remains a legacy of the colossus called the Soviet Union. Yeah, then do not waste […]

[:RU]Besalú — surviving the Middle Ages[:]

[:RU] Besalú (accent on the last syllable) is located in the north Komrakov Garochchi in the province of Girona between estuaries and fluvio Capellades between Empordà plains and mountain ranges Garochchi. Besalú area is 4.812 square meters. km. The city’s population as of 2014 is not more than 2,400 people. In 1966, Besalú was declared […]

[:RU]Railway Bridge Forth Bridge[:]

[:RU]Found here is a bridge that UNESCO recently recently announced the addition to the list of 23 new objects of cultural heritage. Forth Bridge (Forth Bridge) is a huge bridge over the River Forth from the small town of South Queensferry Inverkeithing to the city. The impressive railway bridge, which stretches for half a kilometer, […]

[:RU]10 of the world’s most unusual skyscrapers[:]

[:RU] Skyscraper — this is not necessarily «glass», its terrifying dimensions. Modern architects have long since learned how to create a really interesting high-rise buildings, although sometimes their creative impulse is not valued highly. But as you know, every artist may offend, but to understand … «House» at least tried.

[:RU]Where can I find the sea, rivers and lakes are unusual colors[:]

[:RU]Reading in a tourist brochure about the «azure waters», it is easy to be deceived: to come to the resort and discover unremarkable sea or lake. But there is light at the unique water bodies, bright colors are really surprising. Gather there — do not forget the camera and all your skill to admire the […]

[:RU]The most terrible goddess of world mythology[:]

[:RU]Goddess of world mythology is not always merciful and kind. Many of them demanded of its adherents a special kind of worship. Let’s see what kind of goddess in the world of mythology were just terrible and frightening …  

[:RU]In a country antipodes. Wai-O-Tapu. Champagne Lake[:]

[:RU]We just can not get away from hydrothermal volcanic park of New Zealand Wai-O-Tapu. But the main attraction of the park Wai-O-Tapu is undoubtedly Lake Champagne (Champagne Pool).

[:RU]Is it unworthy of the crown?[:]

[:RU] Winning Ariana Miyamoto national beauty contest has angered the Japanese public. All childhood Woman poisoned the surrounding normal children, it is now occupied by the local Internet samurai …