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Все записи с меткой 'wonders of nature'

[:RU]Where can I find the sea, rivers and lakes are unusual colors[:]

[:RU]Reading in a tourist brochure about the «azure waters», it is easy to be deceived: to come to the resort and discover unremarkable sea or lake. But there is light at the unique water bodies, bright colors are really surprising. Gather there — do not forget the camera and all your skill to admire the […]

[:RU]Putorana Plateau — lost world of Siberia[:]

[:RU]This plateau is an endless basalt plateau, which was never touched by a plow. It is located in the northwest of the Central Siberian Plateau. From the west and the north of the plateau breaks steep ledges, resembling a giant staircase. Putoran often called «the edge of ten thousand lakes and thousands of waterfalls» — […]

[:RU]6 animals that change their gender[:]

[:RU] The fauna is diverse and so amazing that no matter how rich our imagination, it will always fade to reality. Therefore unlikely it may seem strange existence of animals that change their sex. Some do it for fun, becoming only superficially similar to the opposite sex. Another approach to the issue seriously and truly […]

[:RU]Night lights Fenhuana.[:]

[:RU]Fenhuan — an ancient city in the Chinese province of Hunan. Fenhuan translated from Chinese means «phoenix». The settlement is well known for its preserved old town, sung in many legends. Fenhuan is dominated by wooden buildings on stilts. The city is unique, elegant, surrounded by picturesque rivers and mountains — the time seems to […]

[:RU]The charm of old Bukhara[:]

[:RU]Bukhara — one of the ancient cities of the Great Silk Road, which we visited on this trip. After Khiva and Samarkand are some features in the guise of cities in the East has become familiar, so Bukhara wanted to see a little differently — less go into the historical details and the name, but […]

[:RU]Why are smeared with mud at the Dead Sea[:]

[:RU]Dead Sea mud is considered to be over-treatment and incredibly useful. It even imported into other countries as a cosmetic. But for those who come directly to the famous lake (the sea is called very conditional) — the mud, «like dirt.»

[:RU]Travel Kamchatka Nature Park Klyuchevskoy.[:]

[:RU]Natural Park Kluchevskoy — one of the youngest nature parks, last year it celebrated its 15th anniversary. Its territory is huge — 376 thousand hectares in 2001, the park is included in the list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site.