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[:RU]How does the Iranian province?[:]

[:RU]Approximately 40 km from Yazd, 440 km from Tehran, including deserts and mountains, an ancient city lost Meybodi, whose foundation dates back almost to the time of King Solomon …

[:RU]Old and new face of the Iranian capital — Tehran.[:]

[:RU]Tehran can not be called a historical city — it is a huge multicultural metropolis, the present appearance of which was generated in the second half of the XX century. In the period from 1932 to 1956 the population of Tehran has increased from 300 thousand to half a million people. From 1962 to 1980 […]

[:RU]The oldest city in Iran. Yazd.[:]

[:RU]Just for the sake of clay city is to come to Iran. See the most current maze of ancient streets through which you walk with the feeling that you are among the scenery for the film of ancient Persia, or of some lost civilization. Yazd — a very ancient city, UNESCO recognized its urban development […]

[:RU]Yellow roof Yazd[:]

[:RU]You know, the day I was reminded many times. And when we flew from Tehran to Moscow, and each time, going over notes from Iran to the iPhone, and even just in a subway car, returning home late at night. As we almost got to the police because the accident climbed to the roof of […]

[:RU]How to make souvenirs in Iran[:]

[:RU]Bazaars strike the imagination of travelers and travelers, and continuing today to amaze the eyes of tourists for its diversity, uniqueness of goods and stunning unique atmosphere. And the whole point is that you are here in the afternoon with fire not syschete Chinese g … .. consumer goods, which are filled up most of […]

[:RU]Something about a woman’s life in strict Muslim countries[:]

[:RU]Does a woman have to walk only in black? Is it true that the headscarf oppresses women and a man came up to suppress it? What are they Muslim? Most goals scored in communication with them impossible to talk or all completely different? Can they do something to afford? These and other questions I often […]

[:RU]Let’s see the Iranian market.[:]

[:RU]Tehran’s main bazaar — even the anthill. It’s amazing how in such a pandemonium men manage not to touch women in hijabs, and they shy away from touch with men. All the yelling, fussing, offer their wares to all and sundry, without distinction, the seller is, a passer-or the potential buyer. There may even grasp […]

[:RU]Iranian beauty — sexy street style.[:]

[:RU]Not for nothing a few years ago said Tehran — the second Paris. On the level of loose morals Iran sample 70-ies of the 20th century was comparable with Europe. Women went bare-legged and bare-headed; Western music and Western culture was held in high esteem in almost all segments of the population …. But in […]

[:RU]Tombs of the Kings Xerxes, Darius near Persepolis.[:]

[:RU]In Iran, the number of sites per unit area is through the roof. You can walk through the ruins of ancient Persepolis, and then drive 7 miles already enjoy tremendous work on stone — tombs of ancient kings ahimenidskih Darius I, Xerxes, Artaxerxes and Darius II. Tombs from left to right: Darius II, Artaxerxes I, […]

[:RU]Travel to Iran: Prince of Persia.[:]

[:RU]With the dawn of the mountains became smaller and the desert — more. The sun was almost over the horizon when our body stiff and backpacks were unloaded at the bus station. Despite all the convenience of armchairs, sleep quality is poor. We went to Yazd, Yazd but there was not. In the distance was […]