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[:RU]Sumatra — Padang and his crazy bus[:]

[:RU]The name «Sumatra» has always sounded to me more exotic than even such places as Singapore or Hong Kong. It seemed somewhere so far away that I never even bothered to find out what part of the world is this place. Moreover — I did not even know that this island! In my presentation of […]

[:RU]The consequences of the big bang in China.[:]

[:RU]Similar to Mordor? Yesterday, Tianjin (the fourth largest city in China) exploded a warehouse of dangerous substances in the port area of ​​Binhai. The warehouse is located 50 km from the center of Tianjin and 165 km from Beijing. He belonged to the company Ruihai Logistics. Stocked presumably potassium cyanide (aka potassium cyanide) — about […]

[:RU]The world’s largest urban cable car system[:]

[:RU]The city of La Paz in Bolivia long struggled with the problems of transport. Steep terrain, high-density development turned the movement through the narrow streets into a nightmare for drivers and passengers of minibuses and private taxis. To solve the problem, in the past two years, the government is building the world’s largest system of […]

[:RU]15 fantastic cities built on the rocks[:]

[:RU]Challenging nature, people tamed the wilderness and were able to build the city, which is impressive for its beauty. They look like the illustrations for fairy tales are fascinating and seem completely unrealistic. The only question that arises is: which one to visit first? We suggest not to postpone travel to these picturesque places in […]