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[:RU]How do the nails in Belarus[:]

[:RU]In a country known for its combines and «BelAZ», and many are not aware of the existence of another brand. Not everyone knows that the Belarusian hardware more than a dozen years, happy to use builders around the world. «One in five nail in our vineyards — Rechitsa» — dealers like to say in Italy […]

[:RU]How does the Belarusian Glass[:]

[:RU]01. Neman Glassworks is located in Berezovka in Belarus. The history of the plant started in 1883. Currently, the plant is the main enterprise — it employs 2,000 people.

[:RU]Like cranberries harvested in Belarus[:]

[:RU]Vaccinium macrocarpon the XIX century is grown on special plantations (checks). The largest producer of this fruit is the United States, there are also plantations in Canada, Belarus, Poland and the Scandinavian countries. But today we see how cranberries harvested in neighboring Belarus.

[:RU]History Mir Castle[:]

[:RU]As part of the already well-known international event blogerskogo «Neforum 2015» # neforum2015 all participants staged a tour of the Mir Castle. Let me tell you, and all that time to learn and see there. Castle Complex «Mir» XVI-XX centuries. in the town World — historical and cultural value of national importance and a UNESCO […]

[:RU]As in Belarus produce TV «Horizon»[:]

[:RU]Ten minutes from the center of Minsk — and we get into a real industrial area, gloomy and deserted. The change is in full swing, and the common people are idle doing nothing. «Television» in the history of the site along the street Sophia Kovalevskaya long, even in the 70 years it was producing cases […]