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Все записи с меткой 'which can be found in the Crimea'

[:RU]Assumption Cave Monastery in Bakhchisarai.[:]

[:RU]In walking distance from Bakhchisaray there Assumption Orthodox monastery. Location is not that much fun, but on the way to the ancient city of Calais, have to go through the monastery.  

[:RU]Karadag — sleeping volcano Crimea.[:]

[:RU]End of November in central Russia and Europe — nasty to go. Dirty, disgusting, from the sky permanently pours some incomprehensible rubbish and almost no light SUNNY. But in this weather so nice to remember warm and sunny May Crimea … Today I will tell you about the visit of Karadag Nature Reserve or just […]

[:RU]How to extract the salt in the Crimea[:]

[:RU]Probably a lot of people driving on the highway Simferopol-Yevpatoria in the Crimea saw the Salt Lake Sivash Sasyk that Sakas begins and ends in front of the Yevpatoria. But not all know that the lake is quite unique: it is mined pink sea salt, or, as it is called, «live». In the world there […]

[:RU]Crimea is finally in its glory: the peach blossom.[:]

[:RU]Cooling? Storm warning? Pluck sleet and biting cold wind? Nonsense! Peaches decided that it was time to blossom and bloom! The rest of nature is only just waking up after hibernation, and some peach fields already covered by millions of white-pink flowers. You drive on the highway, all around gray and dark, and suddenly you […]

[:RU]The most beautiful fashion model Crimea[:]

[:RU]She is beautiful, attractive and long remembered everyone who saw it … It can not be called an accessible and in her fall in love at first sight … With whom I have not talked about it, no one remained indifferent after the meeting and always expressed a desire to meet again … I met […]

[:RU]50 shades of autumn.[:]

[:RU]Autumn in the mountains — it is something unimaginable. In just one day, you can visit its different phases, it will be a lot of shades — from green to brown colors of September, almost brown November fading colors. You just need to find a scenic ridge and climb the hillside from bottom to top. […]