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[:RU]The biggest festival in Tokyo.[:]

[:RU]Every third weekend of May in Tokyo unfolds one of the most spectacular and colorful Japanese festival — Festival Sanja Matsuri in Asakusa. On the street out thousands of Japanese people in traditional dress, musicians and drummers, Japanese Geisha and members of groups «yakuza». In this post to knock in a noisy crowd, let’s see […]

[:RU]The highest tower in the world[:]

[:RU]The highest tower in Europe — Ostankino in Moscow, 540 meters. And the highest in the world — Tokyo Sky Tree in Japan, 634 meters. In addition, «Tokyo Sky Tree» (Tokyo Skytree) — the tallest building in the world after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. Mad views from Tokyo Tower №1 see below.

[:RU]Housing, toilets and life Japanese.[:]

[:RU]Watching the way of life and interfering with everyday life of the Japanese, for the average European but a smile on her face was constantly surprise and delight. All unusual, it’s not like we have, all deviations from the norm! Discovering something new, refined, exotic can be infinite. As in any live ordinary Japanese homes? […]

[:RU]The most accurate in the world of flea market[:]

[:RU]It is believed that the old things are done more efficiently and with greater love. In fact, this is certainly not always the case. At flea markets and antiques can be found, and is not suitable to anyone thing, and just plain old junk. Walking through Tokyo, I bumped into one of these markets, and […]

[:RU]Plastic food in Japan.[:]

[:RU]One of the secrets of longevity lies in the Japanese diet. They are very sensitive to food and its reception. At the top of my personal discoveries got plastic Japanese food! «They eat only sushi, rolls and seafood!»

[:RU]How to learn to navigate in Tokyo 48 hours[:]

[:RU]When you first came to this delightful country, Japan, and the first to explore the city became Tokyo, then do not expect much on its feet in terms of the vehicle (it is useless, the city is too large), and use the excellent public transport system. For example, one of the routes of bus companies, […]

[:RU]Vinrarnye Japanese w / d[:]

[:RU]I’ll tell you a few words about this unique feature of the country winning Godzilla as unique tourist railway line!

[:RU]Sanctuary with red gates and guards foxes in Kyoto.[:]

[:RU]Came the turn to talk about the temple, proizvёdshem the greatest impression on me in Kyoto, and in all of Japan — Fushimi Inari Taisha — sanctuary with red gates and guards foxes. Numerous gates, Torii, large and small, here are close enough to each other to form a filled orange maze. Paths in the […]

[:RU]What — Rockabilly Dance in Tokyo?[:]

[:RU]In Tokyo, there are a lot of strange and incomprehensible to Western man things — they give the city the charm that attracts tourists from around the world. Today I will talk about one such fad Tokyo — Sunday dancing rockabilly.

[:RU]Seven Japanese superstition[:]

[:RU]Practical application of Japanese «houses» than guilty and seals as sleep is associated with cows? One summer evening in Tokyo under the cicadas and the ringing of bells, furin were talking about what superstitions are still alive in Japan. Around Shinto shrines in the neighborhood of skyscrapers, fast trains and traditional cuisine — different times, […]