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[:RU]How to grow vegetables and fruits in a kibbutz[:]

[:RU]The Russian and Ukrainian retail chains can be found a lot of Israeli fruits and vegetables. But few know that the Israeli eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, carrots, onions, grapes, oranges, and more are grown directly in the sand in the Negev desert, or even more arid Arava valley on the border with Jordan. Moreover, much of […]

[:RU]Why are smeared with mud at the Dead Sea[:]

[:RU]Dead Sea mud is considered to be over-treatment and incredibly useful. It even imported into other countries as a cosmetic. But for those who come directly to the famous lake (the sea is called very conditional) — the mud, «like dirt.»

[:RU]How does the drip irrigation in Israel.[:]

[:RU]Israel is considered a pioneer in the field of drip irrigation. Since water is not enough, the system allows for the most efficient use of precious water, besides adding fertilizer to obtain high yield.

[:RU]And from our window is visible to Jordan.[:]

[:RU]One day in mid-February, has brought us to the Israeli city of Eilat. We are incredibly «lucky»: on the beach is always warm Red Sea was unusually cold weather.

[:RU]Dry Canyon Creek Hawa.[:]

[:RU]Nahal Hava, Hava or stream, river, dry bed, canyon. This is a great place for hiking in the dry season of the year, but during the rainy visit to this place is not recommended, it is dangerous to life. In a narrow gorge, the water level rises quickly and just a dry riverbed turns into a violent […]