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[:RU]A little-known Ireland — two picturesque villages on the beach (County Cork).[:]

[:RU]Some time ago, I went to Roche’s Point, cimpatichnoe place near Cork. Perfect when you want a ride somewhere close, take a stroll. Plus, the sea, and has a good beach nearby. However, many beaches in Ireland, they are big, beautiful and sandy, but very much useless because of the climate and northern location. But […]

[:RU]Glendalough — the valley of the two lakes in Ireland.[:]

[:RU]Glacial valley of Glendalough National Park in Wicklow Mountains, 40 kilometers from Dublin is still not included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, but has a good chance to get there. The first time I visited here in 2008, and in December came back again, since that trip did not enough time to take a […]

[:RU]How to celebrate Christmas in Ireland.[:]

[:RU]Christmas spirit is everywhere in Ireland, Street light lights everywhere are living trees, people wish each other a Merry Christmas, and in stores early in the morning on December 24th this pandemonium, it seems that this is the last day when you can buy something at least anything. At six in the evening all the […]