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[:RU]Top 20 zoos in Germany.[:]

[:RU]In Germany, there are about 400 zoos. The annual number of visitors is nearly 50 million people. Introducing the most popular from Berlin — to Heidelberg.  

[:RU]Rüdesheim — the city of one street[:]

[:RU]01. Full name of Ruedesheim am Rhein. However, unlike the two German Frankfurt, one of which is on Main and one on the Oder, near Rüdesheim competition is not observed, so the city is usually referred to simply as Rüdesheim. It goes without saying that a street in the city is not alone, however, the […]

[:RU]How does the steam engine[:]

[:RU]In the province of East Germany remained a lot of interesting industrial equipment from the last century, some of which became a museum. This summer I visited the computer room perfectly preserved former spinning mill with a large steam engine, which now belongs to the Museum of Urban History and steam engines town Werdau. In […]

[:RU]The submarine in the city[:]

[:RU]The German submarine U-118 was launched at the Hamburg shipyard Vulcan February 23, 1918. Under the command of Lieutenant-Commander Herbert Shtrovassera she could make one battle out to sea, sinking two ships under the flags of the Entente. At the end of the First World War submarine handed France. However, in the French port towing […]

[:RU]Dream Castle Marienburg.[:]

[:RU]Today I’ll tell you about my favorite castle — a fabulous and romantic Marienburg. The castle is located near Hanover and occupies a firm place in our program for the entertainment of guests. This year we have been there twice, in June and October. Therefore, the photos in this post are the summer-autumn.

[:RU]Kassel — the pearl of Germany.[:]

[:RU]Kassel is among the top most visited cities in Germany, and still takes place in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. So do his famous fountains, cascades and waterfalls, located in the mountain park Wilhelmshöhe with the unpronounceable name.

[:RU]Brandenburg ghost town.[:]

[:RU]Concrete box houses are looking at us, occasional visitors to these places, dead eye sockets of windows in which glass is long gone, there are no curtains and more than twenty years, I do not light up the light. The streets, where children played in the past, which went to work by their parents, completely […]

[:RU]Autumn in the city Zulpich in Germany.[:]

[:RU]1. Came wonderful autumn days and I was thinking, not show whether the new city, which I have never said and did not show? Then, please, a new city on the map of my travels — Zulpich (Zülpich). The city has been known since the first century BC, and then carried the Latin name Tolbiacum. […]

[:RU]According to the German sewerage[:]

[:RU] 20% of sewage in Berlin — obschesplavnaya system kanalyuga with livnevki eaten and heavy rain through the overflow chamber kakahi not leave the treatment plant and the river. So the old sewers were built, a new separate sewer.Translation of the official «reklamki» sewage Berlin: «… for making large flows between 1906-1911 was built (construction […]

[:RU]Wine Festival in Mayschoss. Germany.[:]

[:RU]1. In the world there are a lot of stereotypes, one of which is that the Germans drink beer only. They certainly love it but not always and everywhere. In Germany, there are many grape regions where wine-making basic lifestyle, as well as in the Ahr Valley (Ahr), which is famous for its red wines, […]