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Все записи с меткой 'which can be found in France'

[:RU]How to get to Heaven.[:]

[:RU]Do you know what paradise? No, this is not the Garden of Eden, where Eve every day is friends with Adam for the bitten apple … This is a place that will not leave indifferent any real man. Because this paradise — Brandy. That is called the holy of holies of any cognac house — […]

[:RU]As the French tortured ducks for foie gras[:]

[:RU]If you have weak nerves, it is better not to go into the post. At first glance it seems that there is no gravity. While any normal person these pictures will not leave indifferent.

[:RU]Rouen Cathedral, and not only[:]

[:RU]About Rouen me before it was known to visit the two main points: there were burned Joan of Arc, and there is the Cathedral, which inspired a series of paintings by Monet — Cathedral at different times in different weather in different lighting conditions. It is already enough to drive into town for a few […]

[:RU]Castle of Saint-Germain des Liwei in Normandy.[:]

[:RU]On the Internet, this castle is almost no information, I came across it on tripadvisor, when looking for castles in Normandy. It is located in the city of Lisieux, called the Château de Saint-Germain de Livet. The castle is open only a few months, only guided tours, and a few times a day. We lost […]

[:RU]Walking through Paris in 2015.[:]

[:RU]1. Those who are not tired of a positive look at the world — propose to proceed to Paris, continue where you left off — the courtyard of the Louvre, I have sworn never once in my next visit I will wander only museum in Paris. Louvre, how good it is and how long I […]

[:RU]The oldest port in France[:]

[:RU]I never would have thought that today’s famous Vieux-Port, the port of Marseille, is the oldest port in France and built as many as 2600 years ago! Just think, this huge harbor is the heart of Marseille, to equip the ancient Greeks in the settlement, called the city of the Phoenicians. Construction in this location […]

[:RU]Fish market in the old port of Marseille[:]

[:RU]Fish markets in different countries — one of my favorite places to visit while traveling. In a dense pogramma trip I definitely will prefer fish market than the Eleventh century temples or local museum. This is for their own reasons — this love of the sea and love of cooking and specialties, and craving for […]

[:RU]Cassis. City, written by the artist’s brush[:]

[:RU]It is like a picture of the artist, written from the mouth of romance, in love with a beautiful stranger. The magic everywhere in this town, this is where you can communicate without words, this is where you realize that everything is possible if the dream … Quasis — nice coniferous-sea small town in the […]

[:RU]Abandoned railroad in Paris[:]

[:RU]Few Parisians know that they were close to the métro addition to completely disappear from the earth — in the sense that it could be by road. In the mid-1800s, every major city of the Western world tried to solve the problem of transportation and its suburbs coming from residents on congested city streets. Paris […]

[:RU]The castle of Azay-le-Rideau (Château d’Azay-le-Rideau). France.[:]

[:RU]I can not say that I’m a fan of castles palace type. I prefer the rough, weathered stones of German castles, overgrown with moss moist, preserving the memory of the clash of swords, cannon volleys and a long siege. Therefore, when drawing up the route for France, I for a long time and not without […]