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Все записи с меткой 'which can be found in Finland'

[:RU]As Finns are building subway[:]

[:RU]Metro line in Helsinki is only one, and stations — 17. But in 2020 it is planned to open 14 new stations stretching 21 kilometers, thus increasing line of almost 2.5 times and interconnected Helsinki and the neighboring city of Espoo. The first phase is prepared 14-kilometer line to Matinkyulya consisting of 7 new stations, […]

[:RU]World Championship snowmobile sport[:]

[:RU]To be honest, I had not even known that such a sport exists. But the fact that the guys got up on snowmobiles, did not fit in my head. Especially after Dyatlov Pass, where we were tortured to pull them out of each snowdrift. Immediately we snowmobiles literally flew over the snow, soaring high above […]

[:RU]Where to spend the night in the Ice Age.[:]

[:RU]Would you like to sleep on a bed of ice in a hotel built of ice and snow in the freezing Lapland above the Arctic Circle? A lot of this phrase, sure to cause goose bumps and shivers through the body. But there are those who decide on such an unusual extreme, that they will […]

[:RU]Olympic Games Santa Claus 2016[:]

[:RU]All with the past and the upcoming Old New Year on the way to Warsaw jumped with friends in Norwegian Savall (4 hours drive from Oslo).

[:RU]How are rustic restaurant in Finland.[:]

[:RU]From what I was ecstatic after visiting Finland, it’s from the village restaurants. Moreover, it is the village, which is located right in the house, where his hosts. In fact, you do not come to the restaurant, and you come to visit these people. In At least, there is the feeling when you walk into […]

[:RU]What is the ideal village[:]

[:RU]… But once it was Russia … I understand that now the trend proud of Russia and criticize everything Western. Even if that is something we are much worse than theirs. In such a case will be found many arguments which take aside from the fact, but uplifting «our». No, patriotism is not bad, on […]