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Все записи с меткой 'which can be found in Ethiopia'

[:RU]The standard of female beauty. And antisexual.[:]

[:RU]Rather, the apotheosis of feminine beauty. This is the case when you want to say «terribly beautiful girl.» I understand that 146% have watched this position will say that the photo is the real ugliness. But! The women in the pictures would disagree. That caused us surprise and even disgust for them -. A sign […]

[:RU]The most colorful market of Ethiopia[:]

[:RU]This is the market! With all my love to the markets of the world, this is the most spectacular market that I have met during his travels. Yes, it is not as buzzing as the Asian markets. Yes, not as artistic as the Middle East. But what he is photogenic, bright and psycho-atmospheric! We had […]

[:RU]The nation of beggars[:]

[:RU]This will be the most unpleasant and perhaps even offensive to African story, but … there it is. Unfortunately, the people of Africa — really a huge nation of beggars. From small to big. Looking every day stretched children’s palms, women’s hands, his fingers guy or calloused hand of the old man, I have all […]

[:RU]Unsanitary coffee[:]

[:RU]As is known, coffee in Ethiopia, beer for the Czech Republic, Japan sushi and oil to Russia. National pride, the basis of the budget and most respected product. A special way of cooking, famous coffee ceremony, all things … Here are just traveling through Ethiopia, coffee, I almost never ordered. Why? It was just terrible. […]

[:RU]House of poop and sticks.[:]

[:RU]As the image processing of a large Ethiopian journey continues to show how people live in this country, not the richest. Their «cottages,» you have seen living on the pavement under a dirty cloth, too, have seen, been a guest of wealthy Ethiopians, and today I’ll show you a house in the village farm (not […]

[:RU]The market for the poor beggars[:]

[:RU]I do not know if I could have I’m here to buy something or not … Garlic, eggs boiling on the fire the milk, slides of onion and potato, sugar cane, pieces of some bark, and God knows what. This poor market I have not seen in any city, in any country in the world. […]

[:RU]Entertainment is not for the faint of heart. Feeding the hyenas in Harare[:]

[:RU]That could spell meeting with a bunch of hyenas on the African savannah? Pets are not very pleasant, so no good. And if that happens even at night, so hungry hyenas … one eccentric old man in Harare did this entertainment is not for the faint hearted tourists. Every day, a few hours after sunset, […]

[:RU]African tavern not for the faint of heart[:]

[:RU]Frankly, more treshovy tavern I’ve never met. If this place is in the Ethiopian village had a name, it clearly should have been called «bottom.» I think many of you is not something that had never agreed to be here to drink with the locals, but generally included in this wooden, buzzing, like a beehive, […]