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[:RU]What is behind the glitz and luxury Dubai[:]

[:RU]Dubai — the largest most populous city of the Emirates, is the main trading hub of the Middle East, is a town of records, refinement and polish. It really is impressive and draws its special aesthetics. His fascination I associate with high contrasts and contradictions in things: small — large, low — high, black — […]

[:RU]Sunset over Palm[:]

[:RU]It was possible to climb to the helipad of Burj Al Arab and a bit to shoot sunset over the palm trees — the famous archipelago of artificial islands in Dubai. The result is very happy and I want to share with you …  

[:RU]Is there a golden toilet in the Burj Al Arab?[:]

[:RU]Do you know where he lived, Tom Cruise while filming in Dubai «Mission Impossible»? Where to stop Hollywood star, when they come to Dubai? They prefer Madinat Jumeirah — a luxurious complex of three hotels: Dar Al Masyaf, Al Qasr and Mina A’Salam. Specifically Royal Villa, who are particularly fond of selibriti and titled lady. […]

[:RU]Photo report of the second day of the Dubai Air Show 2015.[:]

[:RU]Meetings, negotiations, press conferences, summer program — as usual, without any sensationalism. Jet Airways has signed a contract with Boeing to supply 75 aircraft B737MAX $ 8 billion, deliveries will begin in 2018. Company Saudi Aerospace Engeneering Industries (SAEI) announced that it has launched a project to build a new modern complex maintenance and repair […]

[:RU]Airshow Dubai Air Show 2015.[:]

[:RU]Twenty-three Russian companies, including the KLA, «Rosoboronexport», «Russian Helicopters», «Almaz-Antei» take part in the Air Show Dubai Airshow-2015. Russia presents about 200 exhibits and models of military products. This year, its participation in the exhibition in Dubai said about 800 companies from 50 countries. The most extensive exhibition will present the United Arab Emirates (234 […]

[:RU]Five nechudesnogo wonders of Dubai.[:]

[:RU]Incidentally, in Dubai, in addition to unusual and huge skyscrapers there are several world-famous miracles, which draw people here, some of them unique.

[:RU]Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai[:]

[:RU]If your stay in Dubai is limited to just a few hours of transit, then most likely you will decide to visit the tallest building in the world — Burj Khalifa skyscraper height of 829.8 meters. And not just to look at the phenomenal level architectural structure with its foot, and climb to the observation […]

[:RU]Dubai skyscrapers and not only[:]

[:RU]Dubai — it does not cease to this day building. However, apparently, in a relatively short time interval in downtown complete basic construction, and urban landscapes erected and shining in the rays of the scorching sun skyscrapers will not be violated as well aspiring to the sky tower cranes. I suggest a walk on the […]

[:RU]Dubai Mall — the largest mall in the world[:]

[:RU]Dubai has collected all the most-most, expensive and luxurious: the tallest building in the world, the most expensive hotel in the world, the largest shopping mall in the world, an artificial island in the form of palm trees and much more. Middle of the desert in a relatively short time period there was a city […]

[:RU]Walk through the car park in Dubai[:]

[:RU]Today we will go through the car park in one of the houses in Dubai. In any case, remember, I really like Dubai. Those who have been here in the last five years, most likely do not understand this city. But I have another story. I first came to the UAE for almost 20 years […]