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[:RU]As the film «The Revenant»[:]

[:RU]»The Revenant» can be called one of the most long-suffering Hollywood projects of the century. Adaptation of the novel by Michael Panke about the hunter, survived the attack grizzly More in 2001 conceived writer and producer Akiva Goldsman (in his filmography — «I — The Legend» and «Hancock»). For various reasons, the production of paintings […]

[:RU]How to change the streets of American cities[:]

[:RU]The American edition Streetsblog USA, specializing in the transformation of the urban environment, summed up the year, naming the winners Streetsie Awards 2015. Most often that Russia is very similar to the US, saying that cumbersome bureaucratic system, police state, corporate lobby, the kingdom of cars and so on. Read the story about nominations American […]

[:RU]The world’s largest solar telescope[:]

[:RU]In the US state of Arizona, on top of Mount Kitt Peak, it is a complex of three solar telescopes, the center of which is the largest in its category telescope for all our planet. Let’s find out more about it …  

[:RU]Oil Rush in California[:]

[:RU]There were times when places like Venice Beach, California (now known Resort Marina del Rey), oil rigs were right on the beach and in the courts of ordinary citizens. As you rest on this resort? Let’s see how it looks …  

[:RU]Autotravel east of the United States. Blue Ridge Parkway[:]

[:RU]My favorite way to America (America`s Favorite Drive) — the so-called Blue Ridge Parkway Americans. And they are right, for me it was the most vivid impression in the whole journey through the eastern United States.

[:RU]As the film «Back to the Future»[:]

[:RU]Today, October 21 Marty McFly should fly from the past to save the space-time continuum, or celebrate with us the thirtieth anniversary of the film «Back to the Future» and the birth of the famous trilogy about time travel and the American schoolboy mad scientist. These movies have already come into the treasury of world […]

[:RU]Weekdays most prestigious public houses in the United States[:]

[:RU]In the world of sex services also have a VIP-service. Recently, the entire sports world is shocked by the news that the two-time champion of the National Basketball Association Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada. It turned out, this place is very popular with the stars and millionaires. LoveRanch — not […]

[:RU]Flying over San Francisco.[:]

[:RU]He praises — no praise. Today am pleased to present to you my most beautiful post! It was possible to fly in light airplanes over San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The weather was lucky, so get a good footage. See for yourself …  

[:RU]Where are the millionaires?[:]

[:RU]Where are the millionaires? Of course in sunny Miami! After all, there is always warm, the average sea temperature of 27 degrees year round, clean air and clean water. In this post we look, it looks like the city of Miami and the Venetian island.

[:RU]San Francisco cable cars[:]

[:RU]As everyone knows, in San Francisco for three rail system. The oldest of them, and perhaps the most famous outside of the city — is a network of trams cable (cable cars). On the one hand, in contrast to the historic trams F-line, these lovely old carriages are more fun for tourists, rather than a […]