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[:RU]One day on the edge of hell.[:]

[:RU]Today, we’ll tell you about my day November 3, 2015, when we went to the Ethiopian volcano Erta Ale, squirted in all directions incandescent lava from its persistent bubbling lava lake.

[:RU]Saint-Louis. Senegal and the Gambia.[:]

[:RU]Before St. Louis we got dark. The city was asleep and seemed deserted. I remember a few bridges, straight streets, a long ride on the spit, and finally a nice hotel open gates on the front page. And there … Wellcome-drink, wi-fi, noisy guests (white, of course), occupied the bar and bell-boys, snapping up our […]

[:RU]The capital of Africa. Addis Ababa[:]

[:RU]Addis Ababa — a kind of African Brussels, because here is the head office of the local analogue of the European Union — African Union. There is even a monument to Pushkin and Tsar Cannon Street, Churchill and Niger Street, as a taxi ride VAZ-2101 and the ancient model of Peugeot. This town is situated […]

[:RU]Blue city in Africa.[:]

[:RU]Many buildings in the medina of Rabat, and indeed in Morocco, painted in blue color. Even the famous house Yves Saint Laurent is replete with all shades of blue. This fashion began in the city of Chefchaouen in 1930 — the Jewish refugees was considered a symbol of the blue sky. More say blue because […]

[:RU]Entertainment, which throws in horror.[:]

[:RU]Of course, in the end it was all fun. But before that, at some point, one Italian almost had the same Kondraty, and some probably wished he had brought with them diapers. Certainly, the idea of «unplanned» extreme sports tourist is excellent, but under the current tensions in the Middle East and developments in Syria, […]

[:RU]Where is the best place better city?[:]

[:RU]Today I’ll show you the best place best city in Africa, Cape Town. How did you know at the first photo, is a slum! Generally, the error most tourists is that they try not to go off the beaten tourist tracks. People are flying to the other end of the world and what they see? […]

[:RU]10 most interesting places in Africa[:]

[:RU]In recent years, ratings have become very popular. On the one hand they look conception somehow primitive, opinion formers and subjectively. On the other hand, in my opinion, help to structure a large amount of information and overcome a bunch of water and informational noise. I’ve also decided to wipe the rating of the most […]

[:RU]African food markets[:]

[:RU]Watch and read the details of what is and the subtleties of the country where you are likely to never see in my life very interesting. At least this way you can have time to learn more about our planet and the people on it. In this we are helped by such people as he […]

[:RU]These Zanzibar men.[:]

[:RU]This post is especially in contrast to the post of the Hells labor Zanzibar women shellfish gatherers. In the comments asked that at this time make them men. Here, look. The motto of these men Zanzibar — never strain. That they successfully do. Woman working — man is resting. This is the whole essence of […]

[:RU]The capital of the African slave trade[:]

[:RU]Paradise Zanzibar was not always the case. For the vast number of people, he was the epitome of the quintessential hell and horror stretch of time. Even 100 years ago, Zanzibar was one of the largest centers of the slave trade. Moreover, the slave trade, in fact, has spread from here. This happened immediately after […]