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Все записи с меткой 'traveling with the camera'

[:RU]Panorama with Tehran Azadi Tower[:]

[:RU]Azadi Tower is located on a busy square at the entrance to Tehran. For most tourists is the first thing they see, arriving in the Iranian capital. The tower height of 50 meters is made of white marble. The history of the tower — it was built in 1971, when Iran was still at the […]

[:RU]Plastic food in Japan.[:]

[:RU]One of the secrets of longevity lies in the Japanese diet. They are very sensitive to food and its reception. At the top of my personal discoveries got plastic Japanese food! «They eat only sushi, rolls and seafood!»

[:RU]Olympic Games Santa Claus 2016[:]

[:RU]All with the past and the upcoming Old New Year on the way to Warsaw jumped with friends in Norwegian Savall (4 hours drive from Oslo).

[:RU]Travel Vologda region.[:]

[:RU]For me, the Vologda region will always be the «gateway» Russian north. There is already beginning to feel its amazing atmosphere. The purpose of our trip was Vologda, Kirillo-Belozersky and Ferapontov monasteries, as well as the National Park «Russian North».

[:RU]Travel Yaroslavl land.[:]

[:RU]Yaroslavl land is full of sights, but he is not worthy of Yaroslavl one weekend. But our goal is to pass along the Volga from Uglich to Tutaeva and see interesting places along the way.

[:RU]Pulkovo Observatory[:]

[:RU]I write a little about Petersburg, is not enough. Around itself is difficult to see beauty, but to live by the rule «Well, where we do not have» no way. Therefore, today I invite you on a short walk through quite a little-known sights of St. Petersburg — Pulkovo Observatory.  

[:RU]Prato on Sunday[:]

[:RU]In Prato, the administrative center of the eponymous province of Tuscany, we were, as they say, from the ship to the ball, to which were not mentally prepared. The city held the Day of the province of Prato, although maybe the Italians every day — holiday. After all, only a week ago there was held […]

[:RU]Under the old highway Yelets in Lipetsk region.[:]

[:RU]Delving into the archives found pictures from a trip to beautiful places of the Lipetsk region in the summer of 2012. From the city went on a Friday night, having passed two days of almost 1,000 kilometers. We spent the night on the banks of the Don, a little before reaching the village Polibino where […]

[:RU]Magi-Kings Parade[:]

[:RU]In Spain gifts to children on New Year brings not Santa Claus, and the wise men, the ones who used to be the first to bring their gifts to the infant Jesus, which, in general, is really quite reasonable, and the main event beginning of the year in any Spanish city — Parade of the […]

[:RU]Holiday Santakon 2015.[:]

[:RU]In the last weekend of December 2015 New York survived another Santakon. Everything was as usual: Thousands of people dressed as Santa Claus on the streets, huge queues at bars, hassle Santa with elves, fighting Santa with taxi drivers, drunk santa lying around on the corners and sleeping in a subway car, and, of course, […]