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Bernburg, Quedlinburg and Goslar

Today in our review about the journey of the countries of the world, we see the German city — Bernburg old, half-timbered Quedlinburg and Goslar. In Bernburg has a wonderful castle has preserved its ancient spirit and the historical centers of cities Quedlinburg and Goslar are listed on the World Heritage List. In addition, in […]

[:RU]How to make pita bread in the tandoor[:]

[:RU]Outside Akirtava, near Sukhum quay, very strong smell of fresh pastries. To the ordinary apartment house, in the ground floor which had a small bakery, and then people come and buy fresh pita bread. Unlike a factory or a loaf of bread bricks, baked pita bread constantly, from morning to evening, in small portions: so […]

[:RU]The highest tower in the world[:]

[:RU]The highest tower in Europe — Ostankino in Moscow, 540 meters. And the highest in the world — Tokyo Sky Tree in Japan, 634 meters. In addition, «Tokyo Sky Tree» (Tokyo Skytree) — the tallest building in the world after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. Mad views from Tokyo Tower №1 see below.

[:RU]A prototype of «Resident Evil»: Nazi underground factory in Osovke (Poland).[:]

[:RU]The second hour of walking on infernal underground factory, set up by the Nazis in the mountains, near the border with Czechoslovakia, I had a déjà vu. Somewhere in the endless tunnels and destroyed the lab I’ve seen. But this is impossible, I have not ever been in such places. Remembered. In the movie I […]

[:RU]Autumn in the city Zulpich in Germany.[:]

[:RU]1. Came wonderful autumn days and I was thinking, not show whether the new city, which I have never said and did not show? Then, please, a new city on the map of my travels — Zulpich (Zülpich). The city has been known since the first century BC, and then carried the Latin name Tolbiacum. […]

[:RU]Castle of Uday. Pryłuki[:]

[:RU]In 988 Grand Prince of Kiev Vladimir starts building and settlement fortified towns along the river banks of the Desna, island, Trubezh, Stugna, Sula and Uday. It is the last and there is a nice castle, outpost, defending Kievan Rus from raids by nomadic tribes and Pechenegs Polovtsian. Those days are long gone, no fortress […]

[:RU]How to manually produce batik.[:]

[:RU]Let’s me tell you about the production of batik (accent, by the way, the first «a»). This is an old technique of painting fabric with preserving sharp edges, such a kind of «vector graphics». Sophisticated technology involves the use of various fixers and compositions, but the main secret to use wax. The word «batik» is […]

[:RU]Walk through the car park in Dubai[:]

[:RU]Today we will go through the car park in one of the houses in Dubai. In any case, remember, I really like Dubai. Those who have been here in the last five years, most likely do not understand this city. But I have another story. I first came to the UAE for almost 20 years […]

[:RU]Air Container Fairchild C-120 Packplane[:]

[:RU]At the end of the Second World designers from the American Fairchild decided to finally land the idea for a long time in the air, making the air container. When implementing kill several birds with one stone would be: first, the loading and unloading would be reduced at times, and secondly, would be created a […]

[:RU]How to build underground[:]

[:RU]This year, the Moscow Metro is 80 years old. The official birthday of Moscow subway on 15th of May (when the subway first opened to the inhabitants of the city), but the first technical staff passed in February. A curious fact: in the first year since the opening of the fare is constantly decreasing. First […]