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Все записи с меткой 'travel with the camera'

[:RU]As the film «Predator»[:]

[:RU]The last two decades of the last century in the movie can rightly be called the era of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Great career for him began with the «Conan the Barbarian» and then was devastating in every sense «Terminator», then — «Commando,» «Red Heat,» «Total Recall,» «True Lies» and so on. D. Almost all films today […]

[:RU]Ayia Thekla — four in one: kiprcky market, the beach and the small church with catacombs[:]

[:RU]Somehow one Cypriot morning we accidentally turned off the road between Ayia Napa and Larnaca. This turnaround was a success, since we first got on the amazing local market, located at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, then swim at the local beach, and then went to the ancient catacombs at the local beautiful churches.

[:RU]Vyborg — Pro Castle, bad weather, sunset and flying[:]

[:RU]Once it so happened that many times I was in Vyborg, but every time there was bad weather, in the end, I came back without pictures. A year ago, when we began to fly, we started thinking about a trip to Vyborg. Even bought the tickets, but the weather forecast promised rain, and tickets have […]

[:RU]How to make mozzarella and Kostroma hard cheese[:]

[:RU]Listen, what a wonderful mozzarella do now in Russia have become! As for taste, I do not lie: the fingers that hold the cheese, ready on the block.

[:RU]How do the bags of milk[:]

[:RU]What we see on the shelves, the majority has long been a product if no space technologies, the technologies of the future for sure. Which, meanwhile, are real today. Neutral carton of milk … It would seem … We buy it every day, even without thinking about how long and difficult path it passes before […]

[:RU]Little Vietnam on the border of the Czech Republic and Germany[:]

[:RU]Back in Prague, I drew attention to the significant number of Vietnamese in the streets of the city and a large number of stores and shops owned by Vietnamese. Then, moving from Germany across the border on the highway Dresden — Prague, made a stop in the picturesque village of Hrensko, which proved to be […]

[:RU]Castle of Saint-Germain des Liwei in Normandy.[:]

[:RU]On the Internet, this castle is almost no information, I came across it on tripadvisor, when looking for castles in Normandy. It is located in the city of Lisieux, called the Château de Saint-Germain de Livet. The castle is open only a few months, only guided tours, and a few times a day. We lost […]

[:RU]One of the most dangerous bridges in the world[:]

[:RU]Kuandinsky bridge over the Vitim River — one of the worst road bridges in the world. It is located in the Trans-Baikal region. The bridge is not put into operation, although it is worth more than 30 years. All of them are at your own risk. The bridge is about half a kilometer, and the […]

[:RU]The beauty and wonder of a Buddhist monastery in India.[:]

[:RU]The rise was an early, before dawn. I slept and got up easily. A quiet knock on the door, this is Alex, we go. Going far, according to the plan today inspection Buddhist monastery and the monks who serve the morning puja, meditation, singing. Exit way, I’m Alex and Lara, and Xu, sleepyhead so decided […]

[:RU]How to make handmade cigars in the Dominican Republic.[:]

[:RU]Have you heard, perhaps, that the best cigars are the ones that played on his hips Dominican virgin. Like it or not, we went to find a small private cigar manufactory in the south-east of the Dominican Republic. Cigars, rum and the Dominican Republic are inseparable like Siamese twins. Cigar factories and small private enterprises […]