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[:RU]What’s walk and dress up in Kuwait[:]

[:RU]Persian Gulf — a place where certainly never born fashion designer or a designer. Everything that is connected with the clothes of the Arabs invented centuries ago and has remained unchanged for centuries. The fact that the national costume — male or female — is the best option in the desert robes and heat. Each […]

[:RU]How to grow vegetables and fruits in a kibbutz[:]

[:RU]The Russian and Ukrainian retail chains can be found a lot of Israeli fruits and vegetables. But few know that the Israeli eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, carrots, onions, grapes, oranges, and more are grown directly in the sand in the Negev desert, or even more arid Arava valley on the border with Jordan. Moreover, much of […]

[:RU]How to chop wood or a day tattoo[:]

[:RU] Serenity and a great day everyone! I Dmitri me 45. I am an artist, it means — to draw pictures and write. And I’m a tattoo artist. Tattoo usually causes unrestrained interest of opponents and supporters. Indifferent small, and those usually belong to the tattooed people world. So I thought to dump on any […]

[:RU]Under the old highway Yelets in Lipetsk region.[:]

[:RU]Delving into the archives found pictures from a trip to beautiful places of the Lipetsk region in the summer of 2012. From the city went on a Friday night, having passed two days of almost 1,000 kilometers. We spent the night on the banks of the Don, a little before reaching the village Polibino where […]

[:RU]One of the most beautiful mausoleums in the world[:]

[:RU]How long have you been in the mausoleum? A truly beautiful mausoleum, where at some point even forget about the true destination of the place where you are? Shah Cheragh in Iran’s Shiraz amazing — beautiful from the outside and even more beautiful, if you go into the courtyard, and surpassing all expectations when you […]

[:RU]Apsny — ancient Anakopiya …[:]

[:RU] … Ancient Tower night silhouette, as if wet pilgrim hat.

[:RU]How to produce the Su-34[:]

[:RU]Novosibirsk Aviation Plant. Chkalov — one of the largest enterprises in Russia Aircraft Manufacturing, part of the company «Sukhoi». In the early 90s the factory began to develop a fighter-bomber Su-34 generation 4+. Since 2006, the serial production of these machines. As of October 2015 the Russian Air Force is 73 units. Currently, the Su-34 […]

[:RU]»Madagascar Black diggers», or selling illegal gems in Madagascar.[:]

[:RU]Almost every resident of the island of Madagascar, who lives near the sapphire mine, wants to find the stone of your dreams. And these people from the surrounding villages come to the site and dig, dig, dig.