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[:RU]As the film «The Revenant»[:]

[:RU]»The Revenant» can be called one of the most long-suffering Hollywood projects of the century. Adaptation of the novel by Michael Panke about the hunter, survived the attack grizzly More in 2001 conceived writer and producer Akiva Goldsman (in his filmography — «I — The Legend» and «Hancock»). For various reasons, the production of paintings […]

[:RU]How to collect the Il-76 and Tu-204[:]

[:RU]»Aviastar-SP» — the largest Russian aircraft building plant, part of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). The company is based in Ulyanovsk, and produces heavy transport planes Il-76MD-90A and passenger Tu-204. Previously, there were produced the world’s largest cargo planes An-124 «Ruslan». Now the factory is engaged in their service. In addition, «Aviastar-SP» is involved in […]

[:RU]A little-known Ireland — two picturesque villages on the beach (County Cork).[:]

[:RU]Some time ago, I went to Roche’s Point, cimpatichnoe place near Cork. Perfect when you want a ride somewhere close, take a stroll. Plus, the sea, and has a good beach nearby. However, many beaches in Ireland, they are big, beautiful and sandy, but very much useless because of the climate and northern location. But […]

[:RU]Famagusta: the story of how the most beautiful city of Cyprus did not become its tourist Eldorado[:]

[:RU]In the history of almost all of the ancient city there are periods of prosperity and decline. They may succeed each other indefinitely. Usually we can see evidence of these twists and turns in the museums or the few remaining ruins of the past. Much less is brought to capture the transition from wealth and […]

[:RU]A prototype of «Resident Evil»: Nazi underground factory in Osovke (Poland).[:]

[:RU]The second hour of walking on infernal underground factory, set up by the Nazis in the mountains, near the border with Czechoslovakia, I had a déjà vu. Somewhere in the endless tunnels and destroyed the lab I’ve seen. But this is impossible, I have not ever been in such places. Remembered. In the movie I […]

[:RU]Airshow Dubai Air Show 2015.[:]

[:RU]Twenty-three Russian companies, including the KLA, «Rosoboronexport», «Russian Helicopters», «Almaz-Antei» take part in the Air Show Dubai Airshow-2015. Russia presents about 200 exhibits and models of military products. This year, its participation in the exhibition in Dubai said about 800 companies from 50 countries. The most extensive exhibition will present the United Arab Emirates (234 […]

[:RU]As the capital of Syria, Damascus lives during the war[:]

[:RU]In Damascus, once again shelled the Russian embassy. At this point, the building held a rally in support of Russian operations in Syria, which brought together about 300 people (people came with portraits of Putin). The shells fell into the courtyard of the embassy. Mines in our embassy flew before, but the attacks have become […]

[:RU]How to shoot a trilogy of Indiana Jones[:]

[:RU]Even today it is difficult to find a movie in which the spirit of adventure would be as adventurous and exciting, as in the classic trilogy of Indiana Jones. All three seemed imbued with magic tape travels, ancient artifacts and new discoveries. In this post, we pay tribute to the genius of Steven Spielberg and […]

[:RU]Fenghuang — the most popular city in China[:]

[:RU] Fenghuang not that overlooked in English-speaking guides, but he’s not particularly distinguished, but for the Chinese it is clearly one of the top tourist destinations. People even more than in Lijiang. Ten years ago, about this city, no one knew it was just a village lost in the mountains, but then a large corporation […]

[:RU]7 facts about a vanished country — Germany[:]

[:RU]October 7 — the birthday of the German Democratic Republic, the main outpost of the Soviet Union in Europe. There are several generations have grown «almost Soviet» people, who are still nostalgic for the lost native land.