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Все записи с меткой 'the stories for tourists'

[:RU]Unusual national Icelandic dishes.[:]

[:RU]Traditional Icelandic food is to a large extent been influenced by Danish cuisine. We must not forget that the country was under Danish rule, ranging from medieval times to the nineteenth century. Of course, this is reflected in the cooking. Many recipes for cakes and pastries come from Denmark, famous for baked goods, as well, […]

[:RU]Housing, toilets and life Japanese.[:]

[:RU]Watching the way of life and interfering with everyday life of the Japanese, for the average European but a smile on her face was constantly surprise and delight. All unusual, it’s not like we have, all deviations from the norm! Discovering something new, refined, exotic can be infinite. As in any live ordinary Japanese homes? […]

[:RU]How to get to Heaven.[:]

[:RU]Do you know what paradise? No, this is not the Garden of Eden, where Eve every day is friends with Adam for the bitten apple … This is a place that will not leave indifferent any real man. Because this paradise — Brandy. That is called the holy of holies of any cognac house — […]

[:RU]Fish Market in Kuwait[:]

[:RU]The market in the edge of the Rolls-Royces, Laksheri crazy oil money — this is something out of the ordinary … When I asked the Kuwaitis, where they are the market to go there to shoot, looked at me like an idiot. How could market in the country Giant shopping malls and supermarkets sized Urjupinsk? […]

[:RU]Plastic food in Japan.[:]

[:RU]One of the secrets of longevity lies in the Japanese diet. They are very sensitive to food and its reception. At the top of my personal discoveries got plastic Japanese food! «They eat only sushi, rolls and seafood!»

[:RU]How to choose the Pope[:]

[:RU]Papal Conclave — a collection of Cardinals convened after the death or resignation of the Pope to elect a new pope, and this very room. It is taking place in isolation from the outside world indoors. Elections shall be held by secret ballot twice a day for the election must be collected at least ⅔ […]

[:RU]Palace Shtokalpera in Switzerland[:]

[:RU]I love palaces, castles and fortresses, and was glad that the city, which had decided to go to the landmark. The only thing I did not go inside where the museum but walked around and around. Palace Shtokalpera performed in Italian style and built in 1678. The palace was built for the merchant from Brig, […]

[:RU]The most beautiful mosque in the world[:]

[:RU]Perhaps the most beautiful mosque in the world is located in Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque) — the main monument glorifying the ruler of the UAE Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, ruling the country for 38 years and, in general, create it. By and large, it was quite sensible ruler. […]

[:RU]How to make coconut oil.[:]

[:RU]Do you think a product has unique properties, which are used in medicine and in cooking and cosmetics, and even in the field of household? Which can simultaneously be used as antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory? Answer — under the cut …

[:RU]The nation of beggars[:]

[:RU]This will be the most unpleasant and perhaps even offensive to African story, but … there it is. Unfortunately, the people of Africa — really a huge nation of beggars. From small to big. Looking every day stretched children’s palms, women’s hands, his fingers guy or calloused hand of the old man, I have all […]