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[:RU]Old and new face of the Iranian capital — Tehran.[:]

[:RU]Tehran can not be called a historical city — it is a huge multicultural metropolis, the present appearance of which was generated in the second half of the XX century. In the period from 1932 to 1956 the population of Tehran has increased from 300 thousand to half a million people. From 1962 to 1980 […]

[:RU]What’s walk and dress up in Kuwait[:]

[:RU]Persian Gulf — a place where certainly never born fashion designer or a designer. Everything that is connected with the clothes of the Arabs invented centuries ago and has remained unchanged for centuries. The fact that the national costume — male or female — is the best option in the desert robes and heat. Each […]

[:RU]How to grow vegetables and fruits in a kibbutz[:]

[:RU]The Russian and Ukrainian retail chains can be found a lot of Israeli fruits and vegetables. But few know that the Israeli eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, carrots, onions, grapes, oranges, and more are grown directly in the sand in the Negev desert, or even more arid Arava valley on the border with Jordan. Moreover, much of […]

[:RU]The most accurate in the world of flea market[:]

[:RU]It is believed that the old things are done more efficiently and with greater love. In fact, this is certainly not always the case. At flea markets and antiques can be found, and is not suitable to anyone thing, and just plain old junk. Walking through Tokyo, I bumped into one of these markets, and […]

[:RU]As the film «The Revenant»[:]

[:RU]»The Revenant» can be called one of the most long-suffering Hollywood projects of the century. Adaptation of the novel by Michael Panke about the hunter, survived the attack grizzly More in 2001 conceived writer and producer Akiva Goldsman (in his filmography — «I — The Legend» and «Hancock»). For various reasons, the production of paintings […]

[:RU]Treasury imperial capital of Vietnam, Hue[:]

[:RU] About Vietnam I have a lot of reports (from museums to pagodas), so I decided to write a little brief introduction about post what they saw the most beautiful city in the country- the former imperial capital of Hue, which has great architectural and natural treasures. I guess everyone has their own subjective ranking […]

[:RU]How to chop wood or a day tattoo[:]

[:RU] Serenity and a great day everyone! I Dmitri me 45. I am an artist, it means — to draw pictures and write. And I’m a tattoo artist. Tattoo usually causes unrestrained interest of opponents and supporters. Indifferent small, and those usually belong to the tattooed people world. So I thought to dump on any […]

[:RU]How to collect the Il-76 and Tu-204[:]

[:RU]»Aviastar-SP» — the largest Russian aircraft building plant, part of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). The company is based in Ulyanovsk, and produces heavy transport planes Il-76MD-90A and passenger Tu-204. Previously, there were produced the world’s largest cargo planes An-124 «Ruslan». Now the factory is engaged in their service. In addition, «Aviastar-SP» is involved in […]

[:RU]Weaving mill in the Inle Lake.[:]

[:RU]In fact, on Inle enough tourist attractions, the main centers of attraction are: Cattery; smithy, clock Burmese knives are made ​​»Dha» for sale to tourists; tiny cigar factory, several families dlinnosheyh and other artisan shops. In my opinion, apart from this tourist consumer goods is weaving factory. A place with an amazing atmosphere, where the […]

[:RU]Sweets Chinese cuisine.[:]

[:RU]In Europe, street food is associated mainly with sweets: all sorts of candy, ice cream. Stalls selling kebabs we have not accepted. In China, too, has a lot of sweets, which are sometimes very unusual.