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[:RU]Olympic Games Santa Claus 2016[:]

[:RU]All with the past and the upcoming Old New Year on the way to Warsaw jumped with friends in Norwegian Savall (4 hours drive from Oslo).

[:RU]One of the most beautiful mausoleums in the world[:]

[:RU]How long have you been in the mausoleum? A truly beautiful mausoleum, where at some point even forget about the true destination of the place where you are? Shah Cheragh in Iran’s Shiraz amazing — beautiful from the outside and even more beautiful, if you go into the courtyard, and surpassing all expectations when you […]

[:RU]Let’s see the Iranian market.[:]

[:RU]Tehran’s main bazaar — even the anthill. It’s amazing how in such a pandemonium men manage not to touch women in hijabs, and they shy away from touch with men. All the yelling, fussing, offer their wares to all and sundry, without distinction, the seller is, a passer-or the potential buyer. There may even grasp […]

[:RU]Ayia Thekla — four in one: kiprcky market, the beach and the small church with catacombs[:]

[:RU]Somehow one Cypriot morning we accidentally turned off the road between Ayia Napa and Larnaca. This turnaround was a success, since we first got on the amazing local market, located at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, then swim at the local beach, and then went to the ancient catacombs at the local beautiful churches.

[:RU]The beaches of the Dominican Republic[:]

[:RU]So for what are more people fly to far apart Dominican rum, cigars and coconuts? For what all these grueling hours of flights, several hundred thousand rubles for a ticket and the abandonment of holidays somewhere closer to home? It’s all about the Bounty. The word known to all. For the majority of the Bounty […]

[:RU]Walk around the island of Ibiza.[:]

[:RU]So, we arrive in Ibiza, the island’s capital.

[:RU]One of the most dangerous bridges in the world[:]

[:RU]Kuandinsky bridge over the Vitim River — one of the worst road bridges in the world. It is located in the Trans-Baikal region. The bridge is not put into operation, although it is worth more than 30 years. All of them are at your own risk. The bridge is about half a kilometer, and the […]

[:RU]Entertainment, which throws in horror.[:]

[:RU]Of course, in the end it was all fun. But before that, at some point, one Italian almost had the same Kondraty, and some probably wished he had brought with them diapers. Certainly, the idea of «unplanned» extreme sports tourist is excellent, but under the current tensions in the Middle East and developments in Syria, […]

[:RU]The Polish national secrets.[:]

[:RU]What will the Polish skinhead, stepping on your foot, why should the Poles go to the «ugly beauty» and that rings in the trunks of their cars?