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Все записи с меткой 'the most interesting thing in the network that are available in Georgia'

[:RU]Georgian police station[:]

[:RU]Honestly, when I flew to Georgia and I did not mean to, I’ll write a post about the police station. I thought football, some attractions, kitchen and so that anything unusual. But in the end turned out to be unusual as the once a police station. Why? In this country, all of them … transparent. […]

[:RU]Travel Georgia Chiatura.[:]

[:RU] The mining town of Chiatura in Georgia is not included in the main list of Georgian sites. And, in my opinion, it is in vain. The city is located partially in the depths of the canyon streams called Kvirila partly on its slopes. In view of this particular terrain, the main intra-urban transport in […]

[:RU]Walking around the Old Tbilisi. Baths in the center of the city and favorite places of the townspeople.[:]

[:RU]What is needed for this feast? If you are in Georgia, nothing more from you and is not required, the feast itself is formed. The very culture of drinking and eating the food as if born here, in the Caucasus Mountains. Even if you went to Georgia with one sole purpose — to go skiing […]