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Самый густонаселенный остров на самом большом озере в Африке

Мигинго (Migingo) — это крошечный скалистый остров, имеющий площадь  около половины размера футбольного поля, расположенный на озере Виктория – крупнейшем озере Африки и крупнейшим тропическом озере в мире. Несмотря на крошечные размеры, остров является жильем и родиной для  131 человека (по данным переписи населения 2009 года), которые живут здесь в переполненных хижинах, построенных из гофрированных […]

[:RU]One day on the edge of hell.[:]

[:RU]Today, we’ll tell you about my day November 3, 2015, when we went to the Ethiopian volcano Erta Ale, squirted in all directions incandescent lava from its persistent bubbling lava lake.

[:RU]Weekend route. bayou[:]

[:RU]Day trip, this time the main goal was the ancient city of Staritsa, standing on the banks of the Volga River in Tver region. Route: Moscow — Volokolamsk — Yaropolets — Lotoshino — Elder — Moscow. The total mileage of 450 kilometers per day.

[:RU]As Finns are building subway[:]

[:RU]Metro line in Helsinki is only one, and stations — 17. But in 2020 it is planned to open 14 new stations stretching 21 kilometers, thus increasing line of almost 2.5 times and interconnected Helsinki and the neighboring city of Espoo. The first phase is prepared 14-kilometer line to Matinkyulya consisting of 7 new stations, […]

[:RU]As in Belarus make lipstick and other cosmetics.[:]

[:RU]Despite the fact that since the Soviet era in the head sitting «best cosmetics — French» in Belarus are successfully operating several companies for the production of decorative cosmetics. Unfortunately, in the full sense of national pride it can not be called: 99% of it is made ​​of imported components, packed in imported from overseas […]

[:RU]Abandoned lunar station in Crimea[:]

[:RU]This is a story about one of the coolest, unusual and obscure abandoned places in the Crimea. Moreover, I myself have been on it quite by accident and are still perfectly remember the night when we were high above the valley on the half-rotten beams once-secret lunar station, admiring the sunset … Solid or dust? […]

[:RU]Weekdays sacred animals[:]

[:RU]India. Cows. Cows in India. Everyone knows that cows in India are considered sacred animals. But what does that even mean? They idolize? They worship? How is the life of these favorites of fortune? Is it true that they just walk through the streets of Indian cities? What they do not belong to anyone?

[:RU]Ban Rak Thai village in northern Thailand[:]

[:RU]For the first time on the village, I heard, or rather, I saw a picture on the Internet a year ago. Then for a long time looking for that for a place, and then how to get to him, the idea of ​​hanging in the head and that’s a total trip to the north of […]

[:RU]How to make pita bread in the tandoor[:]

[:RU]Outside Akirtava, near Sukhum quay, very strong smell of fresh pastries. To the ordinary apartment house, in the ground floor which had a small bakery, and then people come and buy fresh pita bread. Unlike a factory or a loaf of bread bricks, baked pita bread constantly, from morning to evening, in small portions: so […]

[:RU]How to build wooden ships[:]

[:RU]The yacht port «Hercules» is a shipyard where implemented an ambitious project for the construction from scratch (you can tell by the historical reconstruction), one of the greatest ships in the history of the Russian Navy , «Poltava» . On the tour could come here, anyone, the cost of 300 rubles for adults and 200 […]