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[:RU]The most accurate in the world of flea market[:]

[:RU]It is believed that the old things are done more efficiently and with greater love. In fact, this is certainly not always the case. At flea markets and antiques can be found, and is not suitable to anyone thing, and just plain old junk. Walking through Tokyo, I bumped into one of these markets, and […]

[:RU]The most colorful market of Ethiopia[:]

[:RU]This is the market! With all my love to the markets of the world, this is the most spectacular market that I have met during his travels. Yes, it is not as buzzing as the Asian markets. Yes, not as artistic as the Middle East. But what he is photogenic, bright and psycho-atmospheric! We had […]

[:RU]The oldest city in Iran. Yazd.[:]

[:RU]Just for the sake of clay city is to come to Iran. See the most current maze of ancient streets through which you walk with the feeling that you are among the scenery for the film of ancient Persia, or of some lost civilization. Yazd — a very ancient city, UNESCO recognized its urban development […]

[:RU]Blue city in Africa.[:]

[:RU]Many buildings in the medina of Rabat, and indeed in Morocco, painted in blue color. Even the famous house Yves Saint Laurent is replete with all shades of blue. This fashion began in the city of Chefchaouen in 1930 — the Jewish refugees was considered a symbol of the blue sky. More say blue because […]

[:RU]Sunset over Palm[:]

[:RU]It was possible to climb to the helipad of Burj Al Arab and a bit to shoot sunset over the palm trees — the famous archipelago of artificial islands in Dubai. The result is very happy and I want to share with you …  

[:RU]Let’s see the Iranian market.[:]

[:RU]Tehran’s main bazaar — even the anthill. It’s amazing how in such a pandemonium men manage not to touch women in hijabs, and they shy away from touch with men. All the yelling, fussing, offer their wares to all and sundry, without distinction, the seller is, a passer-or the potential buyer. There may even grasp […]

[:RU]Flight to Prirazlomnoe[:]

[:RU]In April 2014 the Russian Arctic important event that has taken on a par with the success of the polar explorers of past centuries. With the offshore ice-resistant stationary platform (MISP) «Prirazlomnaja» has shipped the first batch of Arctic oil. Now «Prirazlomnaja» — the only platform, which produces oil in the Russian Arctic shelf. This […]

[:RU]The beauty of the pristine Kamchatka.[:]

[:RU]More than 14 percent of the Kamchatka Territory — protected. It preserves the state, regional and local importance, nature reserves, natural monuments, natural parks. Kamchatka, the unique corners of the planet, with its original unique nature, there is something to guard. Many of the plants, fungi, animals living in Kamchatka are listed in the Red […]

[:RU]The colorful streets Delhi[:]

[:RU]Here, even the stones whisper stories of the past centuries, and the air is filled with dust and the spices of the past, present fresh gusty winds and bright sunshine of the future.

[:RU]How to repair planes[:]

[:RU]All of you probably know, to be healthy and in good physical shape, you need to monitor not only your diet, regular physical activity, but also time to pass medical examinations to detect hidden diseases and in time to solve the problem. Also, with the technique, which we often use — cars pass inspection every […]