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[:RU]The standard of female beauty. And antisexual.[:]

[:RU]Rather, the apotheosis of feminine beauty. This is the case when you want to say «terribly beautiful girl.» I understand that 146% have watched this position will say that the photo is the real ugliness. But! The women in the pictures would disagree. That caused us surprise and even disgust for them -. A sign […]

[:RU]The largest spa complex in Europe[:]

[:RU]Balneological capital of Europe is undoubtedly Budapest, Hungary and the whole boasts an incredible variety of different baths to suit every taste and budget. That is exactly where to go to improve their health and to fully enjoy the sanatorium rest in its classical expression — then you and all kinds of swimming pools, saunas, […]

[:RU]Old and new face of the Iranian capital — Tehran.[:]

[:RU]Tehran can not be called a historical city — it is a huge multicultural metropolis, the present appearance of which was generated in the second half of the XX century. In the period from 1932 to 1956 the population of Tehran has increased from 300 thousand to half a million people. From 1962 to 1980 […]

[:RU]Treasury imperial capital of Vietnam, Hue[:]

[:RU] About Vietnam I have a lot of reports (from museums to pagodas), so I decided to write a little brief introduction about post what they saw the most beautiful city in the country- the former imperial capital of Hue, which has great architectural and natural treasures. I guess everyone has their own subjective ranking […]

[:RU]Weaving mill in the Inle Lake.[:]

[:RU]In fact, on Inle enough tourist attractions, the main centers of attraction are: Cattery; smithy, clock Burmese knives are made ​​»Dha» for sale to tourists; tiny cigar factory, several families dlinnosheyh and other artisan shops. In my opinion, apart from this tourist consumer goods is weaving factory. A place with an amazing atmosphere, where the […]

[:RU]Sweets Chinese cuisine.[:]

[:RU]In Europe, street food is associated mainly with sweets: all sorts of candy, ice cream. Stalls selling kebabs we have not accepted. In China, too, has a lot of sweets, which are sometimes very unusual.  

[:RU]Philippines Cagayan de Oro and cockfights[:]

[:RU] There in the Philippines this folk fun — cockfights. In any more or less big city you can get to them if there is to be a day off.

[:RU]Ferrari Festival[:]

[:RU]Not so long ago in Houston held a two-day festival of Ferrari. Actually the festival every year, during the Christmas weekend in the city center. This year participated 70 owners.

[:RU]World Championship snowmobile sport[:]

[:RU]To be honest, I had not even known that such a sport exists. But the fact that the guys got up on snowmobiles, did not fit in my head. Especially after Dyatlov Pass, where we were tortured to pull them out of each snowdrift. Immediately we snowmobiles literally flew over the snow, soaring high above […]

[:RU]Championship wedding cakes in Kuwait[:]

[:RU]Of course, I realize that this sounds somewhat unusual, even funny, but … nonetheless. On the first day of our stay in Kuwait by chance we were on the championship on a wedding cake. What can I say after seeing? I understand that if I zaiknus during their wedding an ordinary cake, the wedding do […]