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[:RU]Where are the mountains Huhuyskie[:]

[:RU]Nowadays, all the places things and events on the ground are very well researched and described. About all you can not only read on the Internet, but also look colorful photos and overview videos. Therefore, in travel, arriving in new places, we appreciate the surrounding reality from the standpoint of — liked / did not […]

[:RU]Lotus Pond Beng Mealea[:]

[:RU]Huge areas of the position they Hindu temple Beng Mealea is located approximately 40 kilometers east of the main temples of Angkor. Unfortunately, the temple, whose name means «lotus pond», is in poor condition, most of the buildings destroyed and a mountain of stone blocks.  

[:RU]How does the steam engine[:]

[:RU]In the province of East Germany remained a lot of interesting industrial equipment from the last century, some of which became a museum. This summer I visited the computer room perfectly preserved former spinning mill with a large steam engine, which now belongs to the Museum of Urban History and steam engines town Werdau. In […]

[:RU]Museum of Aeronautics Airport Lanzarote[:]

[:RU]While on holiday in Lanzarote, we visited the Museum of Aeronautics. The museum is located in the former building of the airport. It was built in the early 40s and has served the terminal until 1970. The museum exhibition devoted to the history of the airport, which compiled a large photo archive of the first […]

[:RU]How to grow snails[:]

[:RU]It is believed that snails spreading across Europe from Italy. In central Russia, they do not live, but are often found in the Baltic States, the Kaliningrad region and the southern suburbs of our country. They love moist warm climate: the old gardens, overgrown with bushes and ravines. Let’s see how to grow it «horned […]

[:RU]Cemetery locomotives in Bolivia[:]

[:RU]They go to heaven. There, where high, where the wind blows permeates where the smooth surface of the salt of the earth reflecting white clouds, where you can feel how light can be blue air. Where two slender strips of rail sunbeams playing with each other, dissolve into the depths of the horizon. These tracks […]

[:RU]Walk in the center of Havana.[:]

[:RU]Havana — very bright and colorful town, where a luxurious colonial architecture in a most peculiar way mixed with Latin American flair, elegant space where coexist with close dirty streets and the poorer quarters, revolutionary monuments — with the Catholic Church, and the Soviet automobile industry — the unique American autocuriosities. The historical part of […]

[:RU]Walk around the island of Ibiza.[:]

[:RU]So, we arrive in Ibiza, the island’s capital.

[:RU]Little Venice in London[:]

[:RU]It turns out that in London has its own Venice. The area I found was committed by accident: we arrived at the train station Padington and headed to the hotel in Notting Hill. Suddenly the navigator led us to the canal, which was parked variety of boats. Place looks nothing like the rest of London […]

[:RU]Kassel — the pearl of Germany.[:]

[:RU]Kassel is among the top most visited cities in Germany, and still takes place in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. So do his famous fountains, cascades and waterfalls, located in the mountain park Wilhelmshöhe with the unpronounceable name.