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[:RU]How to Grow Organic cocoa in Brazil[:]

[:RU]I want to begin my story with a couple of simple questions: Do you love chocolate? What role is played in your life chocolate and all the products associated with it? For instance, I definitely can not imagine my life without chocolate! It’s the product that makes my life sweeter and more pleasant, as banal […]

[:RU]The route of the day in Tyumen region.[:]

[:RU]In this part of Tobolsk, founded in 1587 as a center for the development of Siberia and its main decoration Tobolsk Kremlin.  

[:RU]How to clean the snow in Moscow[:]

[:RU]This week Moscow was covered with snow. I was shooting for several days cleaning and learned a lot about the utilities and their work. And I know that our people are always unhappy. If the snow is not removed — unhappy if clean — dissatisfied. If sprinkled reagent — dissatisfied. Do not sprinkle reagent — […]

[:RU]Where to spend the night in the Ice Age.[:]

[:RU]Would you like to sleep on a bed of ice in a hotel built of ice and snow in the freezing Lapland above the Arctic Circle? A lot of this phrase, sure to cause goose bumps and shivers through the body. But there are those who decide on such an unusual extreme, that they will […]

[:RU]Weekend Itinerary in Vologda region.[:]

[:RU]The final part of the story of the journey of the Vologda land.  

[:RU]How to make olive oil in Italy[:]

[:RU]The ancient Greeks called olive oil liquid gold. I do not know how the Italians affectionately call him, but I know that they love him no less notorious Greeks. In addition, I have personally seen as the harvest of olives in Tuscany, and then do one of the highest quality olive oil. The so-called extra […]

[:RU]Olympic Games Santa Claus 2016[:]

[:RU]All with the past and the upcoming Old New Year on the way to Warsaw jumped with friends in Norwegian Savall (4 hours drive from Oslo).

[:RU]How do fireworks in Primorsky Krai[:]

[:RU]Before the New Year fireworks factory in the Mikhailovsky district hot. Ten people that work here, provide Christmas lights half Russian.

[:RU]As shunting locomotives in Bryansk[:]

[:RU]Work shunting locomotives are usually not very noticeable eye passengers, which is quite logical. Nonetheless, from this it becomes less important. As shunting locomotives and commonly used today, we’ll look at how to make shunting locomotives at the Bryansk Engineering Plant. Go?

[:RU]Sunday in the Russian countryside.[:]

[:RU] Today our little story about one day Vladimir Sunday. He s0 years, and he is ill with cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy). Despite this illness, he was able to grow a real man, and started a family He has a wife and two dochechka Oksanochka Julia and Alena! He lives in the countryside. We want […]