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Все записи с меткой 'rare cars'

[:RU]Soviet waterfowl cars[:]

[:RU]A brief history of amphibians, made ​​in the USSR. In the middle of the last century amphibious vehicles were some of those things together, such as spaceships, which formed the image of the people of the future. Although the widespread use of outside military missions waterfowl cars eventually did not find they represent a very […]

[:RU]Walk through the car park in Dubai[:]

[:RU]Today we will go through the car park in one of the houses in Dubai. In any case, remember, I really like Dubai. Those who have been here in the last five years, most likely do not understand this city. But I have another story. I first came to the UAE for almost 20 years […]

[:RU]Flying «Volga» — a mysterious GAZ-16.[:]

[:RU]It turns out that the idea of ​​flying «Volga» appeared long before the film «Black Lightning». It’s about a GAZ-16 — one of the most fabulous development of Soviet engineers. Development of the next experimental terrain vehicle with aerodynamic trucks began in 1960 at the Gorky Automobile Plant under the leadership of chief designer AA […]

[:RU]Trabant — the story of legend.[:]

[:RU]Trabant is one of the most famous cars in the history of the automotive industry. This is the only car in the world, became a symbol of the state and the whole epoch in the history of Germany. Images and models «trabbi» affectionately dubbed the car the Germans, now make up a substantial share of […]

[:RU]Automobile Museum «Autoworld» (Brussels, Belgium).[:]

[:RU]Automobile Museum «Autoworld» has a very large collection of cars. This museum is located in Vereldpaleys (Wereldpaleis), in the Cinquantenaire Park (fr. Parc Cinquantenaire), in one of the most prestigious architectural buildings of the capital, where visitors can stroll through the history of the automobile from 1896 until the present time. Most of the cars […]