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Все записи с меткой 'news photography'

[:RU]How to wash the streets of Moscow[:]

[:RU]Today started an interesting and unexpected. Lovely girl called Kate’s press service GBU «Highways» and invited me to study the technology of the modern process of cleaning of road facilities (roughly speaking, roads, highways, courts, etc.), and visit a fancy monitoring center, where the big brother to huge monitor monitors each unit specialized road equipment […]

[:RU]Travel in Caceres, Extremadura.[:]

[:RU] Caceres — a fairly large city to the north of Merida. After Caceres was reconquered from the Moors in 1125, the city chosen by the aristocracy and the financial elite. Wealthy families built luxurious mansions, competing with each other. Unfortunately for the tourists at the end of the XV century the Catholic Kings ordered […]

[:RU]How to quickly and inexpensively build a house[:]

[:RU]You have thirty, and you live with your parents? You have a son, and he needed a separate room? They came to visit, and you have nowhere to place them? To hell with mortgages, exchanges treshki parents, there is a way easier. Today I’ll show you how with stones, sticks and shit for three days […]

[:RU]Butchers on the roads of Azerbaijan[:]

[:RU]This post is especially for all those reproaches of non-publication of some photos which, they say, too cruel. Here he sees everyone from young to old, who goes on Azerbaijani roads. Dozens of dark-haired guys with axes in their hands look askance at the passing cars, hoping that some kind of stop is about them […]

[:RU]How does the metro Rio de Janeiro.[:]

[:RU]Subway in Rio de Janeiro, working since 1979, the length of lines is 48 km, the number of stations is 35. In 1998, the state granted the concession company Consórcio Opportrans (Metrô Rio), which is responsible for operations with lines and stations; the state government is responsible for the expansion and creation of new subway […]

[:RU]10 reasons to have a Russian Woman[:]

[:RU]Turmoil in the Canadian Internet: Montreal blog post appeared some residents of the town by the name of Irina Terekhova, which proves that every Canadian is urgently needed girl of Russian origin. Cart it roughly as follows: «Despite the stereotype, not evil Russian alcoholics. We have wonderful people if we get acquainted with. Long live […]

[:RU]How to create your own style, if your figure — inverted triangle …[:]

[:RU]The figure of «inverted triangle» is characterized by broad shoulders and narrow hips. Waist thus usually not very pronounced (difference between the waist and hips a little), but variants are possible. Most holders of this type of figure are the «top» larger than the «bottom». The breast may be L, while in the hips S, […]

[:RU]These Zanzibar men.[:]

[:RU]This post is especially in contrast to the post of the Hells labor Zanzibar women shellfish gatherers. In the comments asked that at this time make them men. Here, look. The motto of these men Zanzibar — never strain. That they successfully do. Woman working — man is resting. This is the whole essence of […]

[:RU]Caminito del Rey in Spain reopened![:]

[:RU]A year ago, the Royal Trail (El Caminito del Rey), lined by cliffs in the gorge of El Chorro in the province of Malaga in Spain, considered the most dangerous hiking trails in the world. In the early XX century, it was built here to service the dams on the river Gvadalorse Conde got its […]

[:RU]Transport in the Greater Chicago[:]

[:RU]Metropolitan area of ​​Chicago (Chicago metropolitan area) — this is the third-largest conurbation in the United States with a population of nearly 10 million people. Somehow, with the exception of vehicles, people need to move on the territory of 28 thousand square kilometers. Chicago transport company Chicago Transit Authority operates the urban underground, carrying around […]