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[:RU]The biggest festival in Tokyo.[:]

[:RU]Every third weekend of May in Tokyo unfolds one of the most spectacular and colorful Japanese festival — Festival Sanja Matsuri in Asakusa. On the street out thousands of Japanese people in traditional dress, musicians and drummers, Japanese Geisha and members of groups «yakuza». In this post to knock in a noisy crowd, let’s see […]

[:RU]How to build wooden ships[:]

[:RU]The yacht port «Hercules» is a shipyard where implemented an ambitious project for the construction from scratch (you can tell by the historical reconstruction), one of the greatest ships in the history of the Russian Navy , «Poltava» . On the tour could come here, anyone, the cost of 300 rubles for adults and 200 […]

[:RU]How to make barrels for cognac[:]

[:RU]? What is a barrel of brandy In fact, you drink it, when drinking cognac. Color, aroma and taste of the drink, notes of flowers or fruit, chocolate and spices -. It’s barrel Because of her brandy spirit extends all over the years, which will allow him to future be called cognac. Despite the fact […]

[:RU]How to build a cottage industry of weapons in Afghanistan.[:]

[:RU]Between Pakistan and Afghanistan, there is an important trade route — the Khyber Pass. Even during the war with England settled there gunsmiths, repair and copying the British captured weapons. And during the war with the Soviet Union and the United States armory subculture strengthened. Entire family clans specialize in «mass production» of pistols, rifles, […]

[:RU]The highest tower in the world[:]

[:RU]The highest tower in Europe — Ostankino in Moscow, 540 meters. And the highest in the world — Tokyo Sky Tree in Japan, 634 meters. In addition, «Tokyo Sky Tree» (Tokyo Skytree) — the tallest building in the world after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. Mad views from Tokyo Tower №1 see below.

[:RU]How to make the best brandies in the world[:]

[:RU]Did you know that the cognac — it’s the village? It is true that a very rich and well-known all over the world. And all thanks to the favorite drink gourmet and aesthetes, named in her honor and is a symbol of elegance, taste and success. Cognac. Noble cocktail color, aroma and taste, which is […]

[:RU]Burma. The gardens of Inle Lake[:]

[:RU]. Inle Lake is very many-sided home on the water, beautiful scenery on the background of mountains, ancient pagodas, artisans and authentic fishermen addition, Inta directly on the surface of the water grow vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, peas, beans and fresh herbs.  

[:RU]As manufactured pipes[:]

[:RU]I also wanted to not only the consumer experience, but also a master. And since tobacco planting late, I decided to The beaten tube.

[:RU]How does the Iranian province?[:]

[:RU]Approximately 40 km from Yazd, 440 km from Tehran, including deserts and mountains, an ancient city lost Meybodi, whose foundation dates back almost to the time of King Solomon …

[:RU]The consequences of the big bang in China.[:]

[:RU]Similar to Mordor? Yesterday, Tianjin (the fourth largest city in China) exploded a warehouse of dangerous substances in the port area of ​​Binhai. The warehouse is located 50 km from the center of Tianjin and 165 km from Beijing. He belonged to the company Ruihai Logistics. Stocked presumably potassium cyanide (aka potassium cyanide) — about […]