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[:RU]What were historical figures in the film and in fact[:]

[:RU]It is often not fully thought out details of characters lead to the fact that the important historical figure in the movie turns into a completely different person. This applies to the appearance and character, and the distinctive features of the hero. So in this case, the directors a little «nedostaralis», and sometimes even overdone, […]

[:RU]Walk through the car park in Dubai[:]

[:RU]Today we will go through the car park in one of the houses in Dubai. In any case, remember, I really like Dubai. Those who have been here in the last five years, most likely do not understand this city. But I have another story. I first came to the UAE for almost 20 years […]

[:RU]Old cars on the streets of New York.[:]

[:RU]While winter though how many actual, lay-ka photo of old cars from the streets of New York City have accumulated over the past few months. Fans of groomed autoolden will find for themselves a little interesting. These machines are of natural habitats and of look a little different: broken, rusty, snow and dirt. In general, […]

[:RU]Transport Museum in Nuremberg (Germany).[:]

[:RU]In between trips usually have time and desire to talk about interesting places in the world where I have been, but for various reasons have not told them. These places can be safely attributed Transport Museum in Nuremberg, Bavaria.

[:RU]Iran: time travel[:]

[:RU]In the morning, while taking a shower, look caught the alien inscription on the bottle. Iranian shampoo somehow called Ivan. I thought that watches and shampoos produces one company. All Iranian hotels breakfast is included in the price and usually consists of pita bread, goat cheese, butter, eggs and tea. But in our Talar Hotel […]

[:RU]Holy Cross Monastery after sunset.[:]

[:RU]Holy Cross of Jerusalem stauropegic convent was the last object of visiting this weekend trip. Next we go to the village of sanatorium «Lenin Hills», which is located in the Leninsky district of Moscow region, and is now the village of the rural settlement Molokovsky. From such a complex geographical names a little dizzy, but […]

[:RU]Where to find the arena of Lutetia in Paris.[:]

[:RU] Immediately I must say that this is one of the most non-touristic places in Paris (and what it is good). In any case, if not in the arena for concerts or some other event, you can never find a single person here (as I have on a weekday). Or children playing catch or football. […]

[:RU]Autoworld. Brussels. Belgium. Fifties.[:]


[:RU]Very poor New Zealand[:]

[:RU]New Zealand seems most sort of paradise on earth. The country is constantly ranked first in the different ratings of living standards, quality of education and medicine, the absence of corruption. People think that New Zealand — a picture of the «Lord of the Rings» with «The Hobbit», fabulous scenery and eternal summer. No, it’s […]

[:RU]How to make Thai «drugs»[:]

[:RU]In December we visited in Phuket, where I almost risked his life to otschelkal minifotoapparat (aka maksismartfon) report, on how to make one of the most popular treats Kingdom — banana pan Okay. As you can see — the first photograph was taken in hidden conditions to test the response of the manufacturer.