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Bernburg, Quedlinburg and Goslar

Today in our review about the journey of the countries of the world, we see the German city — Bernburg old, half-timbered Quedlinburg and Goslar. In Bernburg has a wonderful castle has preserved its ancient spirit and the historical centers of cities Quedlinburg and Goslar are listed on the World Heritage List. In addition, in […]

[:RU]Burma. The gardens of Inle Lake[:]

[:RU]. Inle Lake is very many-sided home on the water, beautiful scenery on the background of mountains, ancient pagodas, artisans and authentic fishermen addition, Inta directly on the surface of the water grow vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, peas, beans and fresh herbs.  

[:RU]Tokyo. The most girly temple paradise anime.[:]

[:RU]Best of all, they are here for a long time stored plate-EMA with drawings, usually anime, but sometimes really works of art that can be envied. Only imagine how much time and effort was worth it to some authors avtorsha and then to hang the piece of wood in the rain and wind. Still love […]