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[:RU]One day on the edge of hell.[:]

[:RU]Today, we’ll tell you about my day November 3, 2015, when we went to the Ethiopian volcano Erta Ale, squirted in all directions incandescent lava from its persistent bubbling lava lake.

[:RU]Weekend route. bayou[:]

[:RU]Day trip, this time the main goal was the ancient city of Staritsa, standing on the banks of the Volga River in Tver region. Route: Moscow — Volokolamsk — Yaropolets — Lotoshino — Elder — Moscow. The total mileage of 450 kilometers per day.

[:RU]The standard of female beauty. And antisexual.[:]

[:RU]Rather, the apotheosis of feminine beauty. This is the case when you want to say «terribly beautiful girl.» I understand that 146% have watched this position will say that the photo is the real ugliness. But! The women in the pictures would disagree. That caused us surprise and even disgust for them -. A sign […]

[:RU]The largest spa complex in Europe[:]

[:RU]Balneological capital of Europe is undoubtedly Budapest, Hungary and the whole boasts an incredible variety of different baths to suit every taste and budget. That is exactly where to go to improve their health and to fully enjoy the sanatorium rest in its classical expression — then you and all kinds of swimming pools, saunas, […]

[:RU]Abandoned lunar station in Crimea[:]

[:RU]This is a story about one of the coolest, unusual and obscure abandoned places in the Crimea. Moreover, I myself have been on it quite by accident and are still perfectly remember the night when we were high above the valley on the half-rotten beams once-secret lunar station, admiring the sunset … Solid or dust? […]

[:RU]Weekdays sacred animals[:]

[:RU]India. Cows. Cows in India. Everyone knows that cows in India are considered sacred animals. But what does that even mean? They idolize? They worship? How is the life of these favorites of fortune? Is it true that they just walk through the streets of Indian cities? What they do not belong to anyone?

[:RU]Ban Rak Thai village in northern Thailand[:]

[:RU]For the first time on the village, I heard, or rather, I saw a picture on the Internet a year ago. Then for a long time looking for that for a place, and then how to get to him, the idea of ​​hanging in the head and that’s a total trip to the north of […]

[:RU]The biggest festival in Tokyo.[:]

[:RU]Every third weekend of May in Tokyo unfolds one of the most spectacular and colorful Japanese festival — Festival Sanja Matsuri in Asakusa. On the street out thousands of Japanese people in traditional dress, musicians and drummers, Japanese Geisha and members of groups «yakuza». In this post to knock in a noisy crowd, let’s see […]

[:RU]The highest tower in the world[:]

[:RU]The highest tower in Europe — Ostankino in Moscow, 540 meters. And the highest in the world — Tokyo Sky Tree in Japan, 634 meters. In addition, «Tokyo Sky Tree» (Tokyo Skytree) — the tallest building in the world after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. Mad views from Tokyo Tower №1 see below.

[:RU]Burma. The gardens of Inle Lake[:]

[:RU]. Inle Lake is very many-sided home on the water, beautiful scenery on the background of mountains, ancient pagodas, artisans and authentic fishermen addition, Inta directly on the surface of the water grow vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, peas, beans and fresh herbs.