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[:RU]Funicular — as a means of transportation[:]

[:RU]Old lifts in Europe quite a lot. In addition to performing transport work, they are often the subject of attention and attraction of tourists. Among them are several lifts claim to the oldest. After all, they were used to transport people in the highest places of the city since the Middle Ages.

[:RU]The most famous walls in the world.[:]

[:RU]For millennia, people erect walls. Some structures have wiped time. Others have appeared recently. Remember the most famous.

[:RU]What is it — a catamaran for 1.5 million euros.[:]

[:RU]While driving home from work, listening to the radio replies Putin at a press conference. And it became so sick, that I wanted to think about something light, bright and pleasant. Therefore, I decided to talk about the catamaran, I crawled up and down on the boat show in Cannes.

[:RU]Fes: Moroccan city-trap[:]

[:RU]Fes — one of the most interesting cities in Morocco. Its old town — it is a human anthill with hundreds of passages, streets width of not more than six meters. Lost in this maze simple. Initially, the density of development due to the fact that all tried to live inside the city walls. It […]

[:RU]How does Amazon’s service[:]

[:RU]The chances that one day Chinese companies have been pushed out of other Internet sellers are growing every year, but so far the competition they can still make such giants as Amazon. We will not focus on which country actually produces a large part of their range, and focus on the working conditions of employees […]

[:RU]One of the most beautiful mausoleums in the world[:]

[:RU]How long have you been in the mausoleum? A truly beautiful mausoleum, where at some point even forget about the true destination of the place where you are? Shah Cheragh in Iran’s Shiraz amazing — beautiful from the outside and even more beautiful, if you go into the courtyard, and surpassing all expectations when you […]

[:RU]How to grow food[:]

[:RU]How to grow peanuts, saffron and what it tastes better — olives or olives? «My Planet» has decided to recall the foods looked like before the hit the supermarket shelves.

[:RU]Where are the mountains Huhuyskie[:]

[:RU]Nowadays, all the places things and events on the ground are very well researched and described. About all you can not only read on the Internet, but also look colorful photos and overview videos. Therefore, in travel, arriving in new places, we appreciate the surrounding reality from the standpoint of — liked / did not […]

[:RU]Museum of Aeronautics Airport Lanzarote[:]

[:RU]While on holiday in Lanzarote, we visited the Museum of Aeronautics. The museum is located in the former building of the airport. It was built in the early 40s and has served the terminal until 1970. The museum exhibition devoted to the history of the airport, which compiled a large photo archive of the first […]

[:RU]How do the bags of milk[:]

[:RU]What we see on the shelves, the majority has long been a product if no space technologies, the technologies of the future for sure. Which, meanwhile, are real today. Neutral carton of milk … It would seem … We buy it every day, even without thinking about how long and difficult path it passes before […]