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[:RU]As manufactured pipes[:]

[:RU]I also wanted to not only the consumer experience, but also a master. And since tobacco planting late, I decided to The beaten tube.

[:RU]How to chop wood or a day tattoo[:]

[:RU] Serenity and a great day everyone! I Dmitri me 45. I am an artist, it means — to draw pictures and write. And I’m a tattoo artist. Tattoo usually causes unrestrained interest of opponents and supporters. Indifferent small, and those usually belong to the tattooed people world. So I thought to dump on any […]

[:RU]Ferrari Festival[:]

[:RU]Not so long ago in Houston held a two-day festival of Ferrari. Actually the festival every year, during the Christmas weekend in the city center. This year participated 70 owners.

[:RU]The most beautiful mosque in the world[:]

[:RU]Perhaps the most beautiful mosque in the world is located in Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque) — the main monument glorifying the ruler of the UAE Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, ruling the country for 38 years and, in general, create it. By and large, it was quite sensible ruler. […]

[:RU]As grown and processed cashew[:]

[:RU]That just will not do in order to remove the report on which no one has ever written, especially manufacturing, and about something exotic. It was with this purpose I went to Thailand — this tropical country has promised to show me many interesting subjects about which we could only dream. Production of pearls, shrimp […]

[:RU]Molten Abu Dhabi[:]

[:RU]In Abu Dhabi, I had only one day, so I, as in the case of Dubai, to enjoy the city took advantage of the hop-on-hop-off bus.

[:RU]As the rich call their yachts.[:]

[:RU]Do you think the rich call their beloved yacht names? Or, as in the old days, choosing a romantic names like «Black Pearl»? Certainly not. The first time such a romance is long gone. Secondly, looking at the yacht party, you know that the owners of luxury vessels are so busy life, what to choose […]

[:RU]How to sleep on planes[:]

[:RU]Monthly travel, many people combined with the ongoing work. So every time they leave on the account, and spend a few days getting used to the new (or old) time zone they simply can not. Therefore, very important for them to sleep on airplanes. How to do it with maximum comfort.

[:RU]How do studded snow tires[:]

[:RU]Have you ever wondered how to make winter tires? Buying them from a known brand you are sure of the quality? For bus — yes, definitely. But for the thorns? The fact is that recently, some brands produce only the tires and studded tires, as did trading organization. What is it you nashipovali in the […]

[:RU]10 km from the summit[:]

[:RU]You guessed it, that is the 10 km from the summit? In jutting promontory above the Tasman Sea, like the lonely giant, it is a mountain-volcano — Egmont or Taranaki (Mount Taranaki). Perched, like an island from the sea of ​​grazing meadows, Mount Egmont often seems a mirage — disappears, then there is: cloud and […]