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[:RU]How to build a cottage industry of weapons in Afghanistan.[:]

[:RU]Between Pakistan and Afghanistan, there is an important trade route — the Khyber Pass. Even during the war with England settled there gunsmiths, repair and copying the British captured weapons. And during the war with the Soviet Union and the United States armory subculture strengthened. Entire family clans specialize in «mass production» of pistols, rifles, […]

[:RU]How to make the cigars in Cuba?[:]

[:RU]Cuba — one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cigars. Cuban cigars are as much a symbol of the country, as the colorful streets of Havana, the old American cars and the Cuban revolution with Fidel and Che Guevara. During a day trip to the Valley of Viñales, we visited a small cigar plantations, where […]

[:RU]Disappearing Awa tribe[:]

[:RU]Deep in the Amazon jungle tribe living the most vulnerable in the world, whose members are trying to protect themselves from destruction, nomadic, constantly moving with children, weapons and pets. People Awa tribe were on the verge of extinction because of the European colonists who had enslaved them, and ranchers who stole their land on […]

[:RU]Yesterday’s train dreams for tomorrow.[:]

[:RU]Wonderful train design rockets. Indeed, this is part of Mercury New York Central Railroad on the eve of his first flight on the route Chicago — New York. Design — Henry Dreyfuss. The advertising slogan — train tomorrow.  

[:RU]How not to get dirty with sewage?[:]

[:RU]This platform shoes, protecting the ladies in the Middle Ages from dirt and impurities. In order not to get dirty in the slops it was invented special shoes — chopines. Shoes were supplied with a high platform that allows women to keep the feet clean.

[:RU]As the capital of Syria, Damascus lives during the war[:]

[:RU]In Damascus, once again shelled the Russian embassy. At this point, the building held a rally in support of Russian operations in Syria, which brought together about 300 people (people came with portraits of Putin). The shells fell into the courtyard of the embassy. Mines in our embassy flew before, but the attacks have become […]

[:RU]China Jishou[:]

[:RU] Get in Fenghuang is not so simple. There is no railway, so you need to transfer to a bus or in Jishou or in Huaihua. Buses run frequently, so it is possible to transplant a walk around the city.

[:RU]China Longmen Grottoes[:]

[:RU] From afar, the Longmen Grottoes are very similar to the monastery of Vardzia in Georgia.

[:RU]Krabi Railey Peninsula[:]

[:RU]On the peninsula of Railay (Railay), which is in the Thai province of Krabi, we flew from Yangon with a connection in Bangkok Don Muang. Perhaps it would be more logical to choose this trip to Ngapali beach holiday, but won nostalgia — Krabi is one of those places you always want to come back.

[:RU]The historical center of Valencia, from the gates of Serranos to the Square of Our Lady[:]

[:RU] Valencia (Spanish. Valencia) -City in Spain, the center of the autonomous community of Valencia, the third in the number of inhabitants of a city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. The city was founded by the Romans in 138 BC and 413 AD conquered by the Visigoths. In 714, the Moors conquered Valencia and […]