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[:RU]How to get to Heaven.[:]

[:RU]Do you know what paradise? No, this is not the Garden of Eden, where Eve every day is friends with Adam for the bitten apple … This is a place that will not leave indifferent any real man. Because this paradise — Brandy. That is called the holy of holies of any cognac house — […]

[:RU]How do the nails in Belarus[:]

[:RU]In a country known for its combines and «BelAZ», and many are not aware of the existence of another brand. Not everyone knows that the Belarusian hardware more than a dozen years, happy to use builders around the world. «One in five nail in our vineyards — Rechitsa» — dealers like to say in Italy […]

[:RU]How to chop wood or a day tattoo[:]

[:RU] Serenity and a great day everyone! I Dmitri me 45. I am an artist, it means — to draw pictures and write. And I’m a tattoo artist. Tattoo usually causes unrestrained interest of opponents and supporters. Indifferent small, and those usually belong to the tattooed people world. So I thought to dump on any […]

[:RU]How to collect the Il-76 and Tu-204[:]

[:RU]»Aviastar-SP» — the largest Russian aircraft building plant, part of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). The company is based in Ulyanovsk, and produces heavy transport planes Il-76MD-90A and passenger Tu-204. Previously, there were produced the world’s largest cargo planes An-124 «Ruslan». Now the factory is engaged in their service. In addition, «Aviastar-SP» is involved in […]

[:RU]How to learn to navigate in Tokyo 48 hours[:]

[:RU]When you first came to this delightful country, Japan, and the first to explore the city became Tokyo, then do not expect much on its feet in terms of the vehicle (it is useless, the city is too large), and use the excellent public transport system. For example, one of the routes of bus companies, […]

[:RU]How to clean the snow in Moscow[:]

[:RU]This week Moscow was covered with snow. I was shooting for several days cleaning and learned a lot about the utilities and their work. And I know that our people are always unhappy. If the snow is not removed — unhappy if clean — dissatisfied. If sprinkled reagent — dissatisfied. Do not sprinkle reagent — […]

[:RU]How to make coconut oil.[:]

[:RU]Do you think a product has unique properties, which are used in medicine and in cooking and cosmetics, and even in the field of household? Which can simultaneously be used as antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory? Answer — under the cut …

[:RU]How to make olive oil in Italy[:]

[:RU]The ancient Greeks called olive oil liquid gold. I do not know how the Italians affectionately call him, but I know that they love him no less notorious Greeks. In addition, I have personally seen as the harvest of olives in Tuscany, and then do one of the highest quality olive oil. The so-called extra […]

[:RU]How to weave carpets in Dagestan[:]

[:RU]- God has always loved the carpet, ever since, when it was created. In the garden were the gold and crystal, and all the most beautiful thing you can imagine. Guria sat on carpets and sang very beautiful songs. Then, after the expulsion of people from Eden, Adam’s first son — the prophet Sheath — […]

[:RU]How to sleep on planes[:]

[:RU]Monthly travel, many people combined with the ongoing work. So every time they leave on the account, and spend a few days getting used to the new (or old) time zone they simply can not. Therefore, very important for them to sleep on airplanes. How to do it with maximum comfort.