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Все записи с меткой 'history'

[:RU]Yesterday’s train dreams for tomorrow.[:]

[:RU]Wonderful train design rockets. Indeed, this is part of Mercury New York Central Railroad on the eve of his first flight on the route Chicago — New York. Design — Henry Dreyfuss. The advertising slogan — train tomorrow.  

[:RU]How not to get dirty with sewage?[:]

[:RU]This platform shoes, protecting the ladies in the Middle Ages from dirt and impurities. In order not to get dirty in the slops it was invented special shoes — chopines. Shoes were supplied with a high platform that allows women to keep the feet clean.

[:RU]Russian pagan gods[:]

[:RU]Subject Russian paganism in recent years, is incredibly popular. Spreading the ranks of «Rodnovers», «Slavic-Aryan», «relatives» and other neozycheskih currents. Meanwhile, even before the mid-century dispute over the Russian paganism was carried out only in the scientific community. The word «pagan» — tracing from the Greek «ethnikos» («pagan») by «ethnos» («people»). From the same Greek […]

[:RU]The world’s first stealth aircraft.[:]

[:RU]Any war is a huge impetus to the technological development of each participating country. The arms race leads, in turn, to a burst of innovation, which penetrate all spheres of life and peace. World War II was not only one of the most terrible historical events of the New Age, but also a catalyst for […]

[:RU]Tanks in section[:]

[:RU] Notice how roomy it was in the old tanks

[:RU]Pacific Storm World War II[:]

[:RU]Battleships or battleships — armored artillery warships that were used in the last century to destroy enemy ships as part of military forces and artillery support for ground operations. However, it was the Second World War was the last chapter in their history. There is a new weapon, which greatly increases the effectiveness of battleships […]

[:RU]Where did the gold of the Third Reich.[:]

[:RU]About Nazi gold There are many legends and myths. So far in Germany find that treasure with gold bars of the Third Reich, empty warehouse. There are several versions of where the gold was gone the Nazis, and where to find it.

[:RU]How to live in the states of the Crusaders in the East[:]

[:RU]The main purpose of the Crusades in the Middle East was the protection of the Holy Sepulchre, but the Crusaders quickly forgot about their mission. Capturing Jerusalem, they founded a number of feudal states that existed there almost two centuries.  

[:RU]Fortress Naryn-Kala[:]

[:RU]What do you think, where is this castle? In which country? And it is Russia. Let me tell you about it more …

[:RU]Black memory of mankind: Auschwitz-Birkenau [:]

[:RU] There are things that you need to watch, despite the fact that the view is not fun. Today I want to tell you about a place that is neither a historical monument, nor a miracle of nature, or entertainment attractions. At the time of this writing, it was exactly 70 years from the time […]