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Все записи с меткой 'cars'

[:RU]The most beautiful girl in 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.[:]

[:RU]This year, the fairer sex was not as much as usual. Maybe the automakers have started to save on the models, and maybe I began to pay less attention to the girls around. After all, now I’m a married man did not plan to do a separate post, but little happened to make the rating. […]

[:RU]Soviet waterfowl cars[:]

[:RU]A brief history of amphibians, made ​​in the USSR. In the middle of the last century amphibious vehicles were some of those things together, such as spaceships, which formed the image of the people of the future. Although the widespread use of outside military missions waterfowl cars eventually did not find they represent a very […]

[:RU]What are the engines used in motorcycles?[:]

[:RU]I will not bore you with upper- and nizhneklapannym schemes, to talk about the mechanisms of distribution and balance shafts, two- and four-circuit operation, but just tell you about the main types of engines that are currently used on motorcycles. Hopefully, that will simply and affordably!

[:RU]Girls Geneva Motor Show[:]

[:RU]No, I’m still sexist. Time and time again I come back to this subject, and compare cars and girls. Or rather, I do not even compare. And I admire the way they complement each other. In my defense I will say this. From observations of the representative of the male sex. When passing by a […]

[:RU]Walk through the car park in Dubai[:]

[:RU]Today we will go through the car park in one of the houses in Dubai. In any case, remember, I really like Dubai. Those who have been here in the last five years, most likely do not understand this city. But I have another story. I first came to the UAE for almost 20 years […]

[:RU]As gasoline is transported: the way from the factory to your car[:]

[:RU]All of us — the motorists, in one degree or another. Private cars, taxis, buses … Therefore, issues related to fuel worries many agree? But it — fuel — enough to produce. Well it still need to deliver, store and distribute. Needy. Us. Therefore I propose to follow: what is the path passes gasoline from […]

[:RU]How to produce Mercedes-Benz trucks in Naberezhnye Chelny[:]

[:RU]A month ago, I was able to visit the production of Mercedes-Benz trucks in Naberezhnye Chelny. Immediately make a reservation, our group of journalists though, and was invited to the grand opening of the line, but the factory it was a normal working day, before and after the ceremony on the assembly line were planned […]

[:RU]How is a car racing on the water.[:]

[:RU]You know how to be a pilot, «Formula 1»? Is actually very easy. First the body is fixed very tightly with belts, secondly helmet also fixed to a sudden stop and turns not broken cervical vertebrae, in the third … well, you guessed pilots a formula I say. Today I will talk about race cars, […]

[:RU]Promo Girls at the Detroit Motor Show in 2015.[:]

[:RU]At this year’s Detroit auto show — first motor show 2015 show about 40 new products automakers: from budget cars to sports supercars and promising concepts. That Detroit salon traditionally opens each new season of exhibitions, presentations and public life in general throughout the automotive industry — it made for important messages, summarizes and reveals […]

[:RU]Automobile Museum «Autoworld» (Brussels, Belgium).[:]

[:RU]Automobile Museum «Autoworld» has a very large collection of cars. This museum is located in Vereldpaleys (Wereldpaleis), in the Cinquantenaire Park (fr. Parc Cinquantenaire), in one of the most prestigious architectural buildings of the capital, where visitors can stroll through the history of the automobile from 1896 until the present time. Most of the cars […]