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[:RU]How to collect the Il-76 and Tu-204[:]

[:RU]»Aviastar-SP» — the largest Russian aircraft building plant, part of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). The company is based in Ulyanovsk, and produces heavy transport planes Il-76MD-90A and passenger Tu-204. Previously, there were produced the world’s largest cargo planes An-124 «Ruslan». Now the factory is engaged in their service. In addition, «Aviastar-SP» is involved in […]

[:RU]Fortress of San Pedro de la Roca (Castillo del Morro)[:]

[:RU]Located on the inaccessible cliffs at the narrow entrance to the bay of Santiago, El Morro is one of the most beautiful places in Cuba. And in my subjective opinion — and even the most beautiful. Fort San Pedro is situated at an altitude of 60 meters on inaccessible promontory 10 kilometers to the south-west […]

[:RU]Itinerary in Vologda region.[:]

[:RU]Continuing the story of the summer travel weekend of Vologda.

[:RU]Camagüey. True Cuban city[:]

[:RU]Camagüey — not the tourist, but one of the most interesting cities in Cuba. Many experts «Liberty Island» believe that it is Camagüey is the «true Cuban city.» I like simple, do not pretend to such a deep knowledge of the tourist, it is difficult to judge — but let’s try to figure out together? […]

[:RU]Korea: Park a large penis.[:]

[:RU]One day, a young girl fell from a cliff and drowned in the sea. Soon he lost in the sea fish, local and realized that it is guilty restless evil spirit. But one day a fisherman peed in the sea, and the fish appeared. People prosekli what is missing poor died a virgin, and so […]

[:RU]What is it — a catamaran for 1.5 million euros.[:]

[:RU]While driving home from work, listening to the radio replies Putin at a press conference. And it became so sick, that I wanted to think about something light, bright and pleasant. Therefore, I decided to talk about the catamaran, I crawled up and down on the boat show in Cannes.

[:RU]Martian landscape Legzira[:]

[:RU]Legzira Beach — the most beautiful place in Morocco and at the same time, the most unknown among the inhabitants of the kingdom. If you show Moroccans photo red stone arches, they know the strength of one man in ten. Although the beach Lezgira is close to the most famous resort of Agadir countries and […]

[:RU]Moroccan street food[:]

[:RU]Jemaa El Fna Square in Marrakech — the most colorful market of Morocco, this open-air theater. During the day it does not represent anything special, but at night all space with thousands of lights illuminate the area restaurants and shops. It adds spice to the fact that the Jemaa el-Fnaa translated as «dead area». Until […]

[:RU]Leaves for the buzz. Market kata in Africa[:]

[:RU]Do you know what «cat»? No, it’s not what you put in long positions in the LJ, this is an easy drug, illicit trafficking in Russia and many other countries. But in Africa it is widespread in some countries, and there are even special streets and markets, where the whole town goes to buy a […]

[:RU]A little-known Ireland — two picturesque villages on the beach (County Cork).[:]

[:RU]Some time ago, I went to Roche’s Point, cimpatichnoe place near Cork. Perfect when you want a ride somewhere close, take a stroll. Plus, the sea, and has a good beach nearby. However, many beaches in Ireland, they are big, beautiful and sandy, but very much useless because of the climate and northern location. But […]