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[:RU]How to choose the Pope[:]

[:RU]Papal Conclave — a collection of Cardinals convened after the death or resignation of the Pope to elect a new pope, and this very room. It is taking place in isolation from the outside world indoors. Elections shall be held by secret ballot twice a day for the election must be collected at least ⅔ […]

[:RU]How to Grow Organic cocoa in Brazil[:]

[:RU]I want to begin my story with a couple of simple questions: Do you love chocolate? What role is played in your life chocolate and all the products associated with it? For instance, I definitely can not imagine my life without chocolate! It’s the product that makes my life sweeter and more pleasant, as banal […]

[:RU]As vanilla is grown in Madagascar[:]

[:RU]Today, under the cut the entire process of cultivation and further processing of vanilla. Our farm is located in Madagascar, about 600 kilometers from the capital.

[:RU]How to clean the snow in Moscow[:]

[:RU]This week Moscow was covered with snow. I was shooting for several days cleaning and learned a lot about the utilities and their work. And I know that our people are always unhappy. If the snow is not removed — unhappy if clean — dissatisfied. If sprinkled reagent — dissatisfied. Do not sprinkle reagent — […]

[:RU]As grown and processed cashew[:]

[:RU]That just will not do in order to remove the report on which no one has ever written, especially manufacturing, and about something exotic. It was with this purpose I went to Thailand — this tropical country has promised to show me many interesting subjects about which we could only dream. Production of pearls, shrimp […]

[:RU]How to make coconut oil.[:]

[:RU]Do you think a product has unique properties, which are used in medicine and in cooking and cosmetics, and even in the field of household? Which can simultaneously be used as antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory? Answer — under the cut …

[:RU]How to make olive oil in Italy[:]

[:RU]The ancient Greeks called olive oil liquid gold. I do not know how the Italians affectionately call him, but I know that they love him no less notorious Greeks. In addition, I have personally seen as the harvest of olives in Tuscany, and then do one of the highest quality olive oil. The so-called extra […]

[:RU]How to weave carpets in Dagestan[:]

[:RU]- God has always loved the carpet, ever since, when it was created. In the garden were the gold and crystal, and all the most beautiful thing you can imagine. Guria sat on carpets and sang very beautiful songs. Then, after the expulsion of people from Eden, Adam’s first son — the prophet Sheath — […]

[:RU]How to produce ceramic tiles[:]

[:RU]Recently reviewed at photos from a trip to Spain in 2013, including the production of ceramic tiles. I decided that it is necessary in general to talk about the technology, and a photo with the modern enterprise without interest …  

[:RU]How to sleep on planes[:]

[:RU]Monthly travel, many people combined with the ongoing work. So every time they leave on the account, and spend a few days getting used to the new (or old) time zone they simply can not. Therefore, very important for them to sleep on airplanes. How to do it with maximum comfort.