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Все записи с меткой 'as is done'

[:RU]How to make barrels for cognac[:]

[:RU]? What is a barrel of brandy In fact, you drink it, when drinking cognac. Color, aroma and taste of the drink, notes of flowers or fruit, chocolate and spices -. It’s barrel Because of her brandy spirit extends all over the years, which will allow him to future be called cognac. Despite the fact […]

[:RU]Unusual national Icelandic dishes.[:]

[:RU]Traditional Icelandic food is to a large extent been influenced by Danish cuisine. We must not forget that the country was under Danish rule, ranging from medieval times to the nineteenth century. Of course, this is reflected in the cooking. Many recipes for cakes and pastries come from Denmark, famous for baked goods, as well, […]

[:RU]Housing, toilets and life Japanese.[:]

[:RU]Watching the way of life and interfering with everyday life of the Japanese, for the average European but a smile on her face was constantly surprise and delight. All unusual, it’s not like we have, all deviations from the norm! Discovering something new, refined, exotic can be infinite. As in any live ordinary Japanese homes? […]

[:RU]Old and new face of the Iranian capital — Tehran.[:]

[:RU]Tehran can not be called a historical city — it is a huge multicultural metropolis, the present appearance of which was generated in the second half of the XX century. In the period from 1932 to 1956 the population of Tehran has increased from 300 thousand to half a million people. From 1962 to 1980 […]

[:RU]What’s walk and dress up in Kuwait[:]

[:RU]Persian Gulf — a place where certainly never born fashion designer or a designer. Everything that is connected with the clothes of the Arabs invented centuries ago and has remained unchanged for centuries. The fact that the national costume — male or female — is the best option in the desert robes and heat. Each […]

[:RU]Panorama with Tehran Azadi Tower[:]

[:RU]Azadi Tower is located on a busy square at the entrance to Tehran. For most tourists is the first thing they see, arriving in the Iranian capital. The tower height of 50 meters is made of white marble. The history of the tower — it was built in 1971, when Iran was still at the […]

[:RU]The most accurate in the world of flea market[:]

[:RU]It is believed that the old things are done more efficiently and with greater love. In fact, this is certainly not always the case. At flea markets and antiques can be found, and is not suitable to anyone thing, and just plain old junk. Walking through Tokyo, I bumped into one of these markets, and […]

[:RU]Fish Market in Kuwait[:]

[:RU]The market in the edge of the Rolls-Royces, Laksheri crazy oil money — this is something out of the ordinary … When I asked the Kuwaitis, where they are the market to go there to shoot, looked at me like an idiot. How could market in the country Giant shopping malls and supermarkets sized Urjupinsk? […]

[:RU]Plastic food in Japan.[:]

[:RU]One of the secrets of longevity lies in the Japanese diet. They are very sensitive to food and its reception. At the top of my personal discoveries got plastic Japanese food! «They eat only sushi, rolls and seafood!»

[:RU]Treasury imperial capital of Vietnam, Hue[:]

[:RU] About Vietnam I have a lot of reports (from museums to pagodas), so I decided to write a little brief introduction about post what they saw the most beautiful city in the country- the former imperial capital of Hue, which has great architectural and natural treasures. I guess everyone has their own subjective ranking […]