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[:RU]How to shoot a trilogy of Indiana Jones[:]

[:RU]Even today it is difficult to find a movie in which the spirit of adventure would be as adventurous and exciting, as in the classic trilogy of Indiana Jones. All three seemed imbued with magic tape travels, ancient artifacts and new discoveries. In this post, we pay tribute to the genius of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, remembering starring «Raiders of the Lost Ark,» «Temple of Doom» and «Last Crusade.»

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«Raiders of the Lost Ark»

The idea to make a large-scale movie about the adventures of an archaeologist came from George Lucas before filming «Star Wars.» However, first guru of Hollywood cinema became interested in space saga, which stuck for a long time. Filming adventure film about Indiana Smith (the name of the main character got from George Lucas’ dog) had no strength, so the author of «Star Wars» project is entrusted to his friend Steven Spielberg, who suffered greatly because of the failure of the little-known in our comedy «1941».

During the preparation of the script the name of the protagonist changed to the now familiar ear «Jones» as Spielberg somehow can not stand the name of Smith. But problems with the performer role of the hero, an archaeologist almost was not — in his image Stephen only saw Harrison Ford. There was, of course, casting tests with the other actors, but in the end the role went to the pilot «Millennium Falcon».

«Indiana Jones» a lot in common with the «Star Wars.» Not only the names of George Lucas and Harrison Ford, and other «stuff». Thus, the tape filmed on the same Elstree Studios near London, where the shooting took place (and were established the right connections) famous space opera. Sandy Egypt actually filmed in Tunisia, where, again, the guys from the local administration has managed razznakomitsya George Lucas. The film «Raiders of the Lost Ark» literally walked in the footsteps of Luke Skywalker!

If you look closely, even in the scenery Well shower walls spotted with characters you can see images of robots C3PO and R2D2. By the way, the episode with the Well of souls became one of the most challenging for the crew. First, it was necessary to build the proper scenery, then it should be filled with snakes. Filmmakers bought seven thousand snakes in British pet, but it was not enough. It was necessary to «dilute» their hoses scraps.

In the scene of the confrontation with a cobra Indiana Jones Harrison Ford was separated by a glass partition, snakes, glow is perfectly visible in the film. Only 22 years later in the digital re-release them retouched.

But in another scene the actor could really suffer because working without protective walls, and the services of stunt, it was decided not to use. We are talking about an episode at the beginning of the tape when the archaeologist is running away from giant boulder. The stone was made of fiberglass and was quite serious — about a hundred kilograms. And yet, during the filming of this episode, Harrison Ford was hurt, but, like most members of the crew, suffered by 50-degree heat and dysentery.

Surely you remember the scene where Indiana Jones is to fight one of the occasional villains. Brave archaeologist did not get into a fight and shot the villain with a revolver. In fact, initially conceived entertaining episode of the staged fight. With whip archaeologist had to fight with an armed Arab sword, but Harrison Ford was so damn exhausted dysentery that he asked to solve the problem with a pistol. Thus was born one of the most memorable moments of the first part of the saga.

For visual effects, of course, meet George Lucas studio Industrial Light & Magic, great to get experience during the filming of «Star Wars.» It is interesting that all «adult» special effects (except for things like the airplane on the background of the card) were concentrated in the final film. When the Nazis opened the ark, from the sarcophagus spirits fly, literally burning bad guys. To create a scene artists filmed the actress, whose face flashed among the spirits, and placed in an aquarium with water several layouts that took off from different angles. Water gave the effect of airiness, Quaking ephemerality, and the actress brought a little bit of individuality. Then you need to «otherworldly» footage layers imposed on the film, creating the impression of interaction with the actors.

The most emotional pictures of schoolchildren shocked with the death of the main antagonists. Explodes in a flash drying and melting of the head could bring to a heart attack anyone, especially when watching the movie, does not portend anything like this!

The easiest way to blow up the head. To this end, it should make a plaster cast of starting fake meat and pyrotechnical, then blow all this stuffing. The hardest part was given to drying scalp. To this end, eight assistants were consistently activated a kind of vacuum cleaner, pumping out the air from inside the dummy positioned membranes. The third head was cast in wax and filled with gelatin. Its melting ensured by the action of a powerful infrared lamp. The whole process was filmed at reduced and then increased speed. It turned out pretty darn impressive for the start of the 1980s!

The efforts of the crew immediately appreciated by spectators. The picture immediately became a cult, its fees reached nearly $ 400 million (more than $ 1 billion adjusted for inflation), which is more than 20 times the budget of the tape. The film «Raiders of the Lost Ark ‘gave rise to a whole kinovselennoy. No continuation was not enough.

«Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom»

The budget picture about the new adventures of the archaeologist has increased by half. This time, the plot of the main action taking place in India. The government, however, did not allow the shooting of «offensive» content, so in addition to studios in the United States and England had to shoot nature in China and Sri Lanka. The inspiration for the writers were the ballad Rudyard Kipling, as well as the old movie about saving the Hindu British officer from the hands of worshipers of the goddess Kali.

Harrison Ford once again had no luck with the shooting and were accompanied by injuries. First, he hurt his back and was even forced to make an urgent operation. Then he suffered while shooting a fight with a bear (it is curious that the episode was not included in the final version of the tape). After that, all the tricks of the actor perform the stunt — that is what we see during a fight Indiana Jones with an Indian on a conveyor belt, in the pursuit on trolleys, and so on. D. The actor appeared only when shooting close-ups.

It is noteworthy that most of the action scenes in the «Temple of Doom» were invented for the «Ark», but for various reasons they have not been included in the first film. The second series was actually a set of old tricks, around which the story and the script.

Take the same chase on trolleys, which became the most spectacular scenes in the «Temple sudby.» We shoot it very long, hard and in different places. It was built several full-size trolleys, equipped with electric drive and can accelerate to 16 km / h. They moved on rails built into the tunnels at Elstree Studios. The effect is created due to the rapid movement and the subsequent slow-motion playback scene at normal speed of 24 frames per second.

Artificial catacombs themselves were quite small, so the operator had to remove them from different angles and with different lighting to create the illusion of length of the tunnels.

To take up the chase general resorted to miniature trucks, manufactured in the United States. They are allowed on the constructed landscape model was then combine the resulting material with close-up shots and put the sound recorded in the American «Disneyland.»

The suspension bridge was filmed in Sri Lanka. Because of the thick metal cables it especially for the crew built the British engineers, is being built near hydroelectric power station. And Spielberg, and the bridge operator feared like the plague, and never went to the middle. If the director had to go to the other side, he preferred to drive two and a half kilometer detour. Most scenes operator removes either one or the other end of the bridge.

On two of the bridge torn by a remote-controlled squibs. Fall is a construction not err stunt and dummies equipped with machinery with moving arms and legs. Once triggered Brake force indicators, dummies fell, and were activated during the flight arrangements. Responsible scene filmed already eight cameras.

But over the majority of the most spectacular episodes still worked in the British studio. For example, Indiana Jones’ fight with the villain dangling on the bridge was removed at low altitude on a specially constructed for this occasion wall imitating rock. Then he had only to combine the captured frames with the general plan of the cliff. Similarly, we filmed the scene with the beating of the rock stream water and missed first trimester abortion on a narrow site protagonists.

As those special effects in «Temple of Doom» is even less than in the previous series. In addition, they look very organic and intended to enhance the viewing experience of the film would not constitute impress the audience computer or lightning transformations. Remember one of the final scenes, where Mola Ram falls from the remnants of the bridge and falls into the abyss with alligators? The camera follows the falling body of the priest shows how it bounces off the cliff. At that time it was one of the most sophisticated special effects, which was capable of studio Industrial Light & Magic.

In most cases, we try to do a simple and always effective props. As an example, in the episode of eating frozen monkey brain. Of course, no brain and no goals were not, instead, the filmmakers used a monkey models of heads, stuffed with custard with raspberry jam.

On Duties «Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom» is a bit has not held up to its predecessor, and the reviews were not so complacent. Many have accused the big picture too much «chernushny» and even slide into horror. Nevertheless, the «Oscar» for visual effects has been received, the money collected in the next film, the case remained for small — to gather strength and to give something such that it would be no worse than «Ark.»

«Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade»

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have listened to feedback from viewers and critics. «Crusade» it was decided to make the same light, adventure, comedy and adventurous, as the first part of the trilogy of Indiana Jones.

Archaeologist again fighting with the Nazis who are seeking a Christian artifact — the Holy Grail. To give additional weight belt to the shooting invited Sean Connery, had already very well-known, not least as a performer the role of James Bond. «I know only one person in the world, able to play the role of the father of Indiana Jones. Of course, this James Bond! The first and the most gorgeous James Bond! «- Then Spielberg recalled.

Most of the studio shooting, as in the previous two times, took place in the British Elstree, but the nature sought in Jordan, USA, Spain, Italy and Turkey. Suitable for building the Temple of the Holy Grail, for example, found in the Jordanian city of Petra.

One of the most memorable action scenes was the episode with the pursuit of the tank. Mahin filmmakers have made themselves the image of the 36-ton British tank of World War Mark VII. On the construction of the steel it has gone up almost four months, from the original it is characterized by the presence of the tower with a gun. It was a functioning tank, built on the platform of a tractor and driven by two motors Range Rover.

Managed edifice specialist in special effects Brian Liss. He sat inside the tank, the suspension and deprived a little bit effective ventilation. Steven Spielberg recalls that in breaks between filming exiting the tank, Brian could not bring to his lips a cup of tea, so much in his trembling hands from vibration.

Another tank was constructed from aluminum and is equipped with plastic tracks. Alone, he could not move, he pulled the truck. The model was used for filming close-up fights on the tank, while the operating model was used for the filming of overall plans.

The third model was tiny and was used in an episode of the fall of the tank. To do this, the layout of the scale of 1: 4, which has been dropped from a ledge about 15 meters high.

In the episode with an invisible bridge over the abyss we have done without special effects. First they created the scenery of the gorge, after which the artist painted the bridge, so that at a certain point of view it is completely blended with rocks and void under the feet of an archaeologist. As soon as the camera moves from this point, the prospect of change and the audience clearly see the bridge.

The earthquake, of course, it was unreal. Filming of the episode took place in the studio with the decorations of the temple, five hydraulic systems and a dozen gimbal suspensions. At the right moment, they were set in motion, simulating an earthquake and creating cracks. Between takes, again took the platform level position, fill with sand and after 20 minutes were ready to go.

With great fiction Spielberg approached the shooting scene in the chase boats. At the end of the hero Harrison Ford is on the boat, got under the ship’s propeller. The scene was filmed entirely in the studio in England, in the artificial lake. In a place where there was a giant screw depth of the «pond» reached five meters underneath the same boat was only about a meter of the water column. Elongated to heighten the effect of the boat was set to hidden under water rails and a winch pulled up by its rotating blades. To the spectators it seemed as if the characters of the film is about to get under screw used during shooting lens with a large focal length.

As in the previous two series, Indiana Jones, in a «crusade» not without animals. Instead of snakes and spiders role reptiles got rats. In nurseries specifically for the needs of filmmakers raised about two thousand rodents. By the way, in fact, in the film we hear a squeak not rats, and chickens, but reproduced in a higher key. Steven Spielberg likes to point out that this was not going to set fire to the animals in the film in the flames die mechanical doll.

But the most difficult was not work with rats and seagulls, which the hero Sean Connery umbrella blows from the shore directly on the German plane. Birds did not yield to training and refused to take off, preferring to shout at the staff of the crew. As a result, instead of real gulls were placed on the shore of dummies, and frames with supposedly soaring gulls were actually sealed white doves.

«Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade» — a rare example of the continuation of the turns are not worse than the first series. The film was in a lot of different ratings, entered the top favorite paintings Americans and deservedly collected the cash desk at the «Ark.»

In fact, to let the fourth part, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas took almost 20 years. Painting «Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull» was published in 2008, but to repeat the success of the trilogy could not.

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