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[:RU]7 facts about a vanished country — Germany[:]

[:RU]October 7 — the birthday of the German Democratic Republic, the main outpost of the Soviet Union in Europe. There are several generations have grown «almost Soviet» people, who are still nostalgic for the lost native land.
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1. Katarina Witt
Sport — is not just a physical activity and high achievements. Great sport — this is politics. During his speech at the Olympic athletes of the GDR won 409 Olympic medals at the Summer Olympic Games and 110 medals at the Winter Olympics. Most medals were conquered in competitions in athletics, swimming and rowing. The main sports star GDR was figure skater Katarina Witt. Her popularity was unprecedented.
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Katarina Witt loved on both sides of the Berlin Wall, for her performances followed in the USSR. For the Russian people Katarina Witt was the epitome of the free life that a woman can live the socialist state. Witt was a «hallmark» of the GDR, she had to constantly photographed with Erich Honecker, followed by the vigilant security services, but the «victim mode», it definitely did not feel myself. In 1988, Catherine signed a contract with American Ballet on Ice Holiday on Ice. The whole world watched as the socialist diva flies in the world of decadent West.
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2 Blue ties
Always be prepared — quality, that boasts every pioneer. Telmanovtsy Pioneers from the GDR were best friends of Soviet pioneer. German children came to the All-Union camp «Artek», wore blue ties that the quality was better than red ties Soviet Pioneers. Slogans, attitude and spirit were pioneers of our countries almost identical, except that the ties, blue, unusual, haunted by the Soviet pioneer. They talked about the fact that there are far East Germany, where they will get when they become adults. But life decided otherwise. East Germany became a mirage, vanishing as hail Kitezh as cherished Belovode, remained a mystery.
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3 Indians
The life of the Russian people came to Western images of noble Indians, cowboys and villains who constantly drank spirits, dirty swearing and were greedy for gold and Indian women. Indians in films with Gojko Mitic always won. Grimy cowboys stayed with the nose, and often do not remain, in principle, the curtain titles last and most disgusting of them crawled along the wall with a tomahawk in his heart. Indians galloping across the prairie on the background of the setting sun under the beautiful music. Of course, the Russian children were playing Indians. The game does not require large investments of parent. In order to feel like it was enough to make Chungachgukom onions from sticks and paste crowquill in unruly hair model haircuts. Films that inspired several generations of children running around in the yard with hooting, were shot in the GDR at the studio Defoe, and an Indian chief was from Yugoslavia. In Indian it was similar except that a good tan and nobly proud look, but the dream was enough of it.
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4 Cars
It may seem strange, but in the GDR went to buy a Soviet machine. «Volga» here could be bought for a much more reasonable price than in the Union. East Germany was a people’s car «Trabant» minicar, which was issued as a «people’s car». Wide spread abroad she got, but Coward and Experienced in the «Comedy of bygone days» just go to the «Trabant».
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The skeleton of «Trabi» was the usual, from steel stampings, but hanging decorative panels were made of so-called «duroplastic» — a material based on phenol-formaldehyde resin (phenolic) filled with waste (feathering) of cotton production that has been done to save the steel sheet , the former in those years in deficit. The machine called a motorcycle helmet with a common, but it is the people’s love, however, courted. So far, there are clubs of fans of this little insensitive country.
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5 Range
If the Soviet Union, all looked with envy at the two capitals and the provinces was common joke about «long, green and smells like sausage» (train from Moscow), the Moscow and St. Petersburg people looked hopefully toward the GDR. Products from the GDR are not carried, the range of a no capitals was, but things were valued production and convert the GDRs.
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In the Soviet Union carried out dederona stockings, jeans, records with «The Beatles», fashion ONS, watch «Rula», cameras, film, and products from a network of shops «Intershop», where a brand could buy things from capitalist countries. All this business is packed in suitcases «GrossGermaniya», which due to their size called the «death of the porter.»
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6 Toys
Special imports from the GDR — a toy. Every kid dreamed of rail from East Germany. It was almost like a real one, only smaller. The child with the railway immediately became «king of the mountain», «the owner of the yard.» Adult Russian knew that he could make happy your child by buying him a railroad. Also popular were the GDR models, designers, microscopes and electric submarine «Dolphin», but the main fetish remained railroad.
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7 non-Western West
DDR was the westernmost country of the socialist bloc. The living conditions are not very different from the Soviet, but the feeling of the West is still present. This was facilitated by the presence of, for example, a fast food restaurant, copied from the American networks, with burgers and «almost cola» range appliances (TVs, radios, mixers). It was abroad, dear to every Russian man, a Russian man here felt legitimate winner. It was a perfect Russian Germany. Now, this country is no more.

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