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[:RU]Fenghuang — the most popular city in China[:]


Fenghuang not that overlooked in English-speaking guides, but he’s not particularly distinguished, but for the Chinese it is clearly one of the top tourist destinations. People even more than in Lijiang. Ten years ago, about this city, no one knew it was just a village lost in the mountains, but then a large corporation decided to turn into a tourist attraction Fenghuang. Flimsy houses on stilts strengthened, made lights and placed there clubs. The town was very picturesque, so people crowded there in droves. In the end, we came to the fact that the entrance to the city (!) Did pay 150 yuan ($ 25), whereas usually only a paid entrance to the museum.
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Fortunately, the entrance fee is quite easy to get around.On all the main entrances to the Center tickets checked, but a little further away there are loopholes.I used two, one on the east side, the other on the west.The first loophole: go for the big bridge over the river.

Old Town will be left. Continue on the road until you see a big turn to the left, there is a barrier, followed by a number of hotels. Right check the tickets, and the left — no. Street goes up, but then appears on the right ladder sharply down. Voila — we are in the old town. The second road even easier. On the other hand along the old town is a wide street with shops. Parallel to the right — in the closed zone. Some alleys check tickets, and this (the closest to the river, too, there may be more) — do not check. I was guided by the mannequins. We need to roll in the lane, pass on it (he is right, then left), a couple of yards and arch. Fenghuang is very beautiful, but there is almost nothing left of this. In the city center everything streets consist of souvenir shops. It compares unfavorably with Fenghuang from my favorite Pingyao. People come here to take pictures with people in strange clothes. And to get dressed in the style of Wild West. Women in suits and hard hats of the people of Miao — hit of the season. Fenghuang means «phoenix.» tourist group with a flag. On the bridge of stone jams happen. But, fortunately, did not feel the season.

In the evening the embankment turns into a street of nightclubs. By the standards of Russian Chinese nightlife is very boring. No one dances at all. Here is an entertainer lit as he could, but this dvizhuhi still did not work. The night clubs are all sitting, drinking beer and popping plastic palms. Barker also with palms. At night the city looks stunning. On the illumination is not stingy.

It seems to Fenhuane to all homes, even the panel want to attach a roof-swallow. By the way, although Fenghuang and very tourist city, there is quite cheap. The hotel is near the bus station — 50 yuan, canteens and snack bars at normal prices, even on the waterfront in the part where it is not necessary ticket, very reasonable prices. And this is the only city in China where the bus schedule is duplicated in English (except Hong Kong). On the main road are many restaurants where predlashaetsya to choose his own dinner. The river boating. What is funny, is not clear, because the length of the route is very small, and all can be seen from bridges and embankments.

Houses on stilts.

Suddenly! Red Star over the entrance to the temple. Puppies. Xenophobic restaurant — the Japanese do not serve. Piglet Peter. Roof-swallows.

Very deep in the alleys you can still find a quiet corner.

But mostly the case. But even so, if you are in these parts, is to call.

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