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[:RU]The most beautiful girl in 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.[:]

[:RU]This year, the fairer sex was not as much as usual. Maybe the automakers have started to save on the models, and maybe I began to pay less attention to the girls around. After all, now I’m a married man did not plan to do a separate post, but little happened to make the rating.

terraoko-20151002638 (2)


After the Geneva Motor Show, I expected that Germany will be strong on interesting shots. Such as for example the:

terraoko-20151002638 (1)

However, the model in Germany were not as «open.» But now the judge you. At the end of the post, as usual invited to vote for the most vivid and interesting girl or a couple of girls (some are set and share them did not work).

№01. The greatest activity is shown on the stand model Nissan. She tried, posed after each click Change your posture. Molodchinka!

terraoko-20151002638 (3)

№02. In their model seems to Lambeau. In the previous two showrooms, where I’ve been, I posed these same girls. It is evident that they feel incredibly comfortable. Bullies spouts and haughtily eager casts their attention to the photographers.
terraoko-20151002638 (4)

№03. This «girl-Lambo» was a little more friendly:

terraoko-20151002638 (5)

№04. At Hyundai, I met only one model, but it was incredibly charming:

terraoko-20151002638 (6)

№05. Skoda has brought its regular handsome. I think they were in Geneva is:

terraoko-20151002638 (7)

№06. Pretty, is not it?:-)
terraoko-20151002638 (8)

№07. Another couple from Skoda. Girls tried and posed. For this they will concentrate two photos.

terraoko-20151002638 (9)

terraoko-20151002638 (10)

№08. Czechs are well done, right? Another model from Skoda:

terraoko-20151002638 (11)

№09. Modest of Infinity:

terraoko-20151002638 (12)

№10. The latest model of our ranking. All the other girls — it’s consultants who can tell you all the information about their cars. Ie, their task is not to sit on a motor and inform. But this does not prevent them from being cute.

terraoko-20151002638 (13)


terraoko-20151002638 (14)


terraoko-20151002638 (15)


terraoko-20151002638 (16)

№14. My jamb. I caught the wrong time. Believe me, they can smile together.

terraoko-20151002638 (17)


terraoko-20151002638 (18)

№16. The activity of all talked about their cars girl from Abarth:

terraoko-20151002638 (19)

For this her second photograph. See how tries:

terraoko-20151002638 (20)
Liked? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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