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[:RU]Five nechudesnogo wonders of Dubai.[:]

[:RU]Incidentally, in Dubai, in addition to unusual and huge skyscrapers there are several world-famous miracles, which draw people here, some of them unique.

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Maybe if you do not expect from Dubai convenient and lively town, and the exhibition of achievements of urban development, it will make a good impression? So, let’s talk today about the wonders of Dubai. (The key to this is not to forget that Dubai — nedogorod.)

Let’s start saying the islands …

1. Artificial Islands

Many coastal countries namyvayut for a new land. Basically it is the country in which small areas — Hong Kong and Makaozanimalis this quite a lot; Singapore won the whole wonderful gardens arranged on reclaimed land. Even in Tokyo, has an artificial island of Odaiba. But all these projects were done in order to expand the land area. The artificial islands in Dubai thought with a very different purpose: to developers want to increase the length of the coastline.

Look at the outline of the famous Palm Jumeirah. There where not spit everywhere Coast! We can say that every house there is on the coast. Just because of the palm trees, «height» which is only five kilometers away, Dubai has increased more than 100km coast along which you can build luxury housing.

In fact, the plans were to build three such «palm trees», from which the Jumeirah would be the smallest. But the financial crisis of 2008 forced the development company Nakheel Properties to suspend work and to concentrate resources on Jumeirah, which was at that time almost ready.

Similar problems befell the sensational project The World Islands — an archipelago of islands in the shape of the world. Island is built, but because of the crisis, there were no buyers, and today they stand empty, and scraps of dirt in the middle of the coastal sea. From space it looks impressive, and from the shore — so yourself.

To this day, Palm Jumeirah — the only one of the projects that can be considered successful. In its «branches» are private villas, each really the water.

Along the «barrel» goes the first monorail in the Middle East and on the security Spit is a number of hotels, resorts, including the huge Atlantis.

Spit it originally made a continuous arc, but soon realized that because of the lack of ocean currents, the water begins to stagnate inside, it does not receive a new oxygen. We had to make in the queue a couple of «cuts» on the sides.

Some studies show that artificial arhrpelag already started to go under the water, and «sinks» at a speed of 5 mm per year! But the real estate developer Nakheel is categorically denied. 2. Public transport

«Ride on public transport,» he advised me to one blogger, climbed the entire city. Dubai last few years, this transport is actively developing. For example metro was opened here in 2009, has since added a second line and new stations at first. «Big deal!» You might say to me, «I, too, wonder! Metro where there are many! «- But the Dubai Metro has some peculiarities. Firstly, it is beautiful.

Most of the stations are on the surface, and look like this — as if a huge space bug crawling on the railway overpass. Here’s how they look from the inside:

Stations are conditioned so that the doors on the platforms that are synchronized with the train doors.

A unique Dubai Metro that the trains run without any drivers. It is the longest extent of the automatic metro system in the world. Trains then solid, with an accordion — you can walk the entire length of the composition. And yet, here it is very convenient triple handrail as in Paris, so as not to compete with their neighbors for a place «in the pipe».

The metro is impossible not only «standard» drink / eat, but cud chewing.

Metro duplicates the main thoroughfare of the city, Sheikh Zayed road and off-peak hours in cars stuffed a lot of people.

Apart from the metro, in Dubai there is a tram — also new, yet only one branch.

And the subway and tram there are special women’s carriages. These men can not. The Cairo Metro is also seen. And in Tokyo, but there are only cars during rush hour.

Periodically, the police comes and checks that no unexplained men in women’s cars were not. (Police say the men, too, but it can be.)

And yet there is cars-VIP. Can anyone remember back in 2006 Tema Lebedev told about subway car for passengers VIP, developed by his studio to Moskovka subway. True, this article came the first of April — it turned out that the Tema joked. But Dubai does have cars, «business class». Meeting them is twice as expensive, and seats in them a little more, and golden brown. Of course people do not pay for the seat and for the status and the lack of «plebs». Although, in principle, a person who can afford to overpay for the business-class tram, taxi and probably already can not afford, they are cheap in Dubai …

Tram business class … Sounds like a doctor on arithmetic

With the tram you can change on the one monorail, which runs along the Palm Jumeirah. True change there in Dubai particular — should be ten minutes to stomp through a covered parking between the rows of cars. On the monorail have to go during the day, to see the look of residential areas of Palma.

More obviously in Dubai there are buses. I have not seen, but I’m told calculate their existence from me I found the bus stops. Like other stop these completely closed — they provided air-conditioning. But unlike all the other stops, then air conditioner was not working. I will say this — that this little private booth was the only location in all of the Emirates which has not worked condo.

And in the end, the city has a bike rental. How much you have to be crazy to take sorokapyatigradusnuyu great in the heat, I do not know. Maybe because the wind blows? ..

3. Shopping Centres

As I mentioned, all of life is held in Dubai shopping malls. (Well, at least, all non-alcoholic life.) It’s all the best restaurants, theaters and various unique entertainment. Ask the taxi driver, «What you have there is to see?» — And it certainly will offer to take you to any shopping center (the one away from the place where you are).

Some of the attractions are world famous, such as a ski slope in the Mall of the Emirates has made a noise in his time.

This complex is within a shopping center called Ski Dubai, except lifts and slides, where you can ride a sled, or just play in the snow. Warm winter jackets give visitors at the entrance.

Often in shopping centers have whole departments, «antique» — Made in the style of traditional Arab markets (knots).

In such places are more common indigenous Emiratis (emiratchan?) — They come here to dine and see the traditional clothing. Incidentally traditionally dressed men are always in white, and women — in black. So you can always tell the difference.

But do not think that shopping malls — only for traditional Arabs, strictly adhere to Islamic dress codes. Here we are pleased to see customers absolutely any moral views.

True to wear outfits from this boutique right in the shopping center probably will not work — they have very strict rules of conduct.

Kissing, hugging impossible to drink too, knees and elbows is desirable to cover the clothes. But about boobs here a word.

Raschudesny most of all shopping centers in Dubai and is called «The Dubai Mall». It is the largest area shopping center in the world — at all its levels the ego more than a million square meters kvardatnyh! (That is more than one sq km! Under shops rent somewhere half the space.) That’s how it looks from above:

Its scope has transformed The Dubai Mall one of the main attractions of the city. In the past year there have visited 80 million people! For comparison, in our New York every year come somewhere in the 60 million visitors!

It has everything. Luxury boutiques and restaurants, as well as «democratic» institutions such as fast food and mass consumption stores such as Gap. Here you can buy a car! ..

… And you can just read a newspaper over a cup of coffee, enjoying the coolness of the traditional artificial bitch.

To compete with the ski mountain in the Mall of the Emirates then built a real ice rink.

Although Dubai Mall has something much cooler — here otgrohali most nasotyaschy aquarium! Its huge glass wall serves as a three-story screen in the world of exotic fish, including sharks. Sometimes from above the diver descends to feed the inhabitants of the giant banks.

We all know that aquariums are divided into two types. The first is a special prodvodny tunnel designed in order to look at the sharks below. And the second — for suckers. So this aquarium can be safely attributed to the first category.

If you love the water, but dislike aquariums or fish (I have friends like that), then you are in the Dubai Mall there is an artificial waterfall with sculptures of acrobats.

Oh and if you want something with a broader scope, it is necessary to enter the «backyard» shopping center — is located there the whole artificial lake. Without fish, but with musical fountains that suit figure representation of every half hour.

4. Skyscrapers

«Well, it’s a miracle — skyscrapers. Skyscrapers lot where you can meet, «you say,» even here in Moscow there are a few! «Everything is so. I have long pondered whether to include skyscrapers in this post, but in the end decided — let it be. After all, without them, it would be a miracle, only four, and everyone knows that you need for a good list of at least five points. Moreover, the Dubai skyscrapers still impressive. Especially at night. Especially when you look at them from somewhere above.

Day and below the picture is somewhat different …

As I wrote, the high-rise in Dubai are only two areas — in downtown, near the Sheikh Zayed Road and the Marina. Between these two places are many kilometers of low buildings. Here is Marina from downtown:

Everything is lost in the mist! By the way, there on the right can be seen in the form of a healthy building sails. This is the first «famous» skyscraper in Dubai — Burj Al Arab hotel. It stands not far from the marina. But the same form, but now from the marina in downtown — all high-rise buildings are lost in the haze:

Skyscrapers in Dubai mostly residential and hotel, office less.

Caught nice (for my taste) tower:

And there are very nasty.

The main thing is that there will never cease out of the building. Half of the tallest buildings in the city is now in the process of completion.

Sometimes fasadaz skyscrapers can be found huge portraits of President and Vice-President of the UAE.

Some of these skyscrapers at ground level are inaccessible — the lower floors often obkleyany advertising, and where to enter the building — is unclear. And time is not clear, so I was not waiting. Inhospitable skyscrapers.

But still I think, because of its diversity, and the large (in the narrow circles) number, Dubai skyscrapers still reach the status of a «miracle» …

5. Burj Khalifa

And finally we have the main miracle of Dubai — is the world’s tallest tower, the most neboskrёbisty of skyscrapers — Burj Khalifa. In it 154 floors!

Tower height of 830 meters began to build in 2004. Then her name should have been «Burj Dubai» — one of the goals was built superneboskrёba world to celebrate the city and attract more tourists to it. But during the five-year construction suffered a financial crisis, and the government of Dubai was on the verge of bankruptcy. Authorities richer Abu Dhabi has agreed to help out a neighbor to lend him a lot of money. In gratitude, the tower was renamed in honor of the Emir of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa bin Zayed.

Povehnosti Bourges — slightly toning Stelka, it reflects light well. Mirror Coating tower turns in a chameleon — depending on the weather, it may look bleak black …

… Or the shiny silver.

The design of the tower is made Office Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, the same office that finalizing One World Trade Center in New York. I admit that this looks to me not much like skyscrapers.

Nevertheless, any visitor to Dubai would have to climb the Burj Khalifa — otherwise why bother ehat here ?! The Arabs made a skyscraper on two different viewing platforms — one more mass, at an altitude of 450m, opened in 2010, and was the highest in the world.

But already in 2011, in Guangzhou, China opened the Tower, which, though inferior to the growth of the Burj Khalifa, had a lookout at the top, at an altitude of 488m. The Arabs had to make one more ploshadka, a hundred meters above the first, at a height of 555 meters (148 floor!) To regain the title of the highest viewing. This second is called In The Sky, and tickets for it is much more expensive. To get there at peak time, I paid $ 130! For the money, at the top you are greeted by waiters with free drinks (non-alcoholic) and various sweets.

A ticket to the upper platform also includes a visit to the bottom. At the entrance, as always, it is necessary to pass inspection.

In these skyscrapers — the elevators, this is a separate opportunity to show off. Everyone breaks off as you can. Since Burj Khalifa at the moment — the tallest building in the world, on the way up in the elevator to show the previous record-setting skyscrapers. Here we pass the «floor» Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur (they held the title from 1998 to 2004):

«What’s at the top, 154 floor?» I asked our guide.

«There’s a — a mosque,» he said.

«Wow! And who is there to pray ?! »

«People working in the offices at the previous levels.» To be honest, I expected that he will answer that there praying Emir …

Types of excellent open top … Here’s an example — look at the presentation of the musical fountains outside the Dubai Mall:

Yes, in fact the majority of pictures «from above» in this and the previous post about Dubai is removed from the top of the lookout Burj Khalifa. Both platforms provide a 360-degree view of the surrounding area, you can watch and shoot in any direction.

If you bothered to look beautiful, there are mandatory for lookouts skyscrapers «interactive tour». Here it is made as a game with rules that no one explains and he fucking guess. The visitor waved his hand over the sensor than controls different things on the screen.

I would not waste time on this game. I tell you this, as a man who has spent twenty minutes on it (eventually figured out, and immediately regretted). Instead of games, I advise visitors to go to the highest toilet, where they have ever visited:

Both observation platforms have open terraces — you can go «to the street.» True they are more balconies with a very high (although the glass walls).

In the walls there are small holes — to get through the hand with a smartphone or a soap box, but the SLR may not fit. Consider this, if you do not shoot through the glass. I’m here with my soap box can be removed without any problems. Even self-made:

I must say that the design of interiors at Burj Khalifa observation deck I liked more than our New York. Here we see that architects and designers did not spare the time, effort and money to make a space where not only nice to look at the city, but where it is pleasant to be. So I was so odd to see just such a ladder, the bottom two floors soedinayuschuyu observation:

As if that fire escape some … But it’s the little things. The tower is very impressive, height and species around, gives great to see and understand the whole of Dubai, which lies in front of you in the palm of your hand …

These are the miracles … And you say — nothing to catch. Maybe specially come here and do not necessarily, but to stay a couple of days on the way to somewhere else certainly can. The main thing is not necessary to go in the heat, as I did.

And do not try for a moment of all these miracles to decide what’s worth living. Dubai — Museum of Wonders, and move here would be as absurd as to settle in the exhibition hall of Ikea …

Liked? I need your opinion about what I do and what I write. Your comment — best estimate of my work. Let’s talk more![:]

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